The New $0.99 Trader Joe’s Find So Good I Buy 10 at a Time

It’s the ultimate grab-and-go snack.

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Simply Recipes / Adobe Stock

There are few things in life I find more exciting than finding a good deal, and in those rare scenarios where the bulk buy far outweighs paying retail, it kind of feels akin to winning the jackpot.

Once a deal has been identified, my inner urge to grab as much of the item as I can justify purchasing kicks in almost immediately. And anyone who spends even a little bit of time shopping at Trader Joe’s knows that customers will stop at nothing to get their hands on as many of the current weekly hot items as possible. While I generally try not to overindulge in times of mass duress over trending products, a recent snack find just might awaken my inner gladiator if an extreme scenario calls for it.

While browsing TJ’s wide variety of breakfast and snack bars, I spotted a box of Rainbow’s End Trail Mix Bars that immediately grabbed my attention. Trail mix is one of those snacks that always hits the spot, provides protein in small doses, and is a reliable way to eat something on the go without needing to break for a full meal. I never turn down the chance to try a new trail mix variation, and with each bar retailing for just $0.99, I couldn’t help but stock up on the deal.

<p>Simply Recipes / Trader Joe's</p>

Simply Recipes / Trader Joe's

Why I am Such a Big Fan of Trader Joe’s New Rainbow’s End Trail Mix Bars

Trader Joe’s Rainbow’s End Trail Mix was first introduced back in 2000 and is credited by the brand as setting the bar for how simple trail mix can be. Fast forward to present day, and TJ’s has reimagined the 25-year-old treat into an on-the-go snackable bar.

Each bar contains a minimalist helping of peanuts, almonds, raisins, and candy-coated milk chocolate pieces, with each bite remarkably soft yet full of texture and flavor. Upon my first taste, I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of textures, as I expected an overly crunchy bite and instead got a soft and perfectly balanced mouthful.

These bars include the same ingredients as the trail mix that inspired them, but this time held together with a bit of tapioca syrup throughout and finished off with a rich coating of dipped dark chocolate on the base.

No matter the scenario, these trail mix bars are the perfect seasonal treat to have on you all summer long. At just $0.99 a pop, you can easily buy a half dozen to store away for the week or stock up for the season by purchasing multiple boxes of five at $4.99 each.

There’s nothing better than having a reliable, quick snack that isn’t going to disrupt your current eating habits, let alone break the bank. This simple offering checks both boxes and just might sell out quickly. So head to your local TJ’s and stock up for summer while there’s still time.

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