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We Dare You to Try Denim or Cow Print Booties This Summer

Summer boots might seem like an oxymoron. Sure, your instinct is to let those toes wiggle free in the sunshine. But, have you ever examined your feet at the end of a long day outside? Ten bucks says they're dirty and covered in dust and debris from walking around all day. (Yeah, gross.)

That's where boots come in. Many styles now come with ventilation designed right in, so you don't have to worry about overheating. Plus, booties pair especially well with dresses, skirts, and denim shorts (as proven on the runways and by street style stars). You can even find them in all colors, from stark white to gentle yellows and lilacs. Dare I say the "cooler" way to dress up your favorite maxi skirt is with a boot, not a pair of sandals.

Here, 13 boots with a bit of that summertime fun, so they won't send you straight back to deepest winter dread. (Though you could definitely wear them then, too.)