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10 Turkey Sandwich Recipes for All Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

The best thing about Thanksgiving? All the delicious food you get to eat. The not-so-great thing about Thanksgiving? Not knowing what to do with all the leftovers! It can be exhausting trying to find new ways to use up all that food that’s taking up space in your fridge. You can add turkey to your scrambled eggs in the morning, you can reheat mashed potatoes for lunch, and you can … eat more turkey for dinner. But instead of recreating Thanksgiving dinner for the next couple of days, turn your leftovers into brand new dishes — like turkey sandwiches! And no, we’re not talking about sticking turkey between two pieces of bread and calling it a day. We’re talking about making some of the most delicious sandwiches with leftover turkey, as well as leftover mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and some fresh ingredients. But if you’re not a fan of bread, don’t worry because we’ve also included a couple of options for turkey wraps.