The 10 weirdest things you can buy from Richard Petty's auction

Richard Petty smiles as he signs autographs during practice for the NASCAR Daytona 500 Cup Series auto race at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla., Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018. (AP Photo)

Richard Petty is auctioning off some of his stuff. Many of the items available in the May 12 auction are understandable collectors items like trophies Petty won or old race cars. Other items are … interesting.

There are 172 items up for sale in the auction from stuffed animals to ashtrays. We browsed the list and found the 10 weirdest things being auctioned so you didn’t have to.

10. Walmart Greeter tag

The odd thing about this tag — which is essentially an old Walmart employee name tag — is that it simply says “Richard” without Petty on it. You would have no idea that this was gifted to Richard Petty and the item description does not say it’s signed. The estimated value of the tag is between $200-$400. You could probably buy one off an employee at your local Walmart for $50.

9. 1980 Super Bowl tickets

Old Super Bowl tickets are a fun thing to display, but do you want to have to explain to people that they came from Richard Petty? The two stubs have a starting bid of $125. There’s a single ticket stub available on eBay for $15 plus shipping.

8. Old credentials

How much would you pay for Richard Petty’s annual credential from 1998 and 2010? The starting bid is $150.

7. Check from Richard Petty to Lynda Petty and other banking information

Here’s another category of items that’s downright weird. Why would a check from Richard to his late wife from 1994 be of interest to an auction bidder? Why would you want to sell something like that? Why would you want to sell bank statements from 1994 too? Put that stuff in a shredder if you don’t want it.

6. Worn clothing items with no identifying info

There’s a lot of old Petty jackets and other items that are signed that make sense to be displayed in a collector’s home. There are others, like this tan blazer, that look like random items you would find at a thrift store. Maybe you’ll feel better when going out for the night when you’re wearing a blazer that Kyle Petty wore?

5. Golf round information

We’re just going to let the item description show how insignificant this item is to anyone who wasn’t present at this golf round.

A group of six items from Richard Petty’s round of golf on July 1, 2014, at Kingsbarns Golf Links in St. Andrews, Scotland. Included are Petty’s July 1, 2014, pass to the links, a blank scorecard for the course, a course guide booklet, the business card from the course’s chief executive, Alan Hogg, and a handwritten note from Hogg to “Dear Richard & friends” in an envelope that features a tee time of “07:50” and is addressed to “Mr. Richard Petty + party.”


4. School report cards

Why would you want Petty’s old report cards? Maybe you’d be enticed with a childhood photo of Petty too? This seems like something that has much more sentimental than monetary value, but I bought a Meat Loaf album from Dale Earnhardt Jr. off eBay once so I probably don’t have any room to talk.

3. Desk elephant

There’s nothing more Richard Petty than “a brown leather elephant featured prominently in Richard Petty’s office for many years,” right? It’s got an estimated value of $400-600.

2. Petty’s selective service cards

Like the report cards, this is something that would feel a little weird to buy, no? They feel like they would be better served in a file cabinet in Petty’s house than framed on a fan’s wall.

1. Locks of hair

Yes, Petty is really selling some of his hair to go along with the other items in this auction. Why would you want to have some of his hair? The hair does have a certificate of authenticity, so you at least know you’re not buying fake hair. But still. Hair. Hair!

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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