11 celebrities with surprising hidden talents

From pole-dancing to jam-making these celebrities all have a hidden talent!

Keith Lemon may be known for his wise-cracking jokes and rather large headgear collection, but did you know he’s also an artist and fashion designer?

The Celebrity Juice frontman revealed on this week’s White Wine Question Time episode that he has a range of T-shirts, featuring his own designs.

“I've drawn all the pictures on the front,” he explained to host Kate Thornton.

“The range that's out now, it's called Cowgirls. The one before it was Space Girls, which sounds like a scotch person saying Spice Girl, and then the next one that I've got is Stunt Girls and it's all stunt women.”

His T-shirts, which retail for £25, are available on his website, Kilclothes.

The funny man isn’t the only celebrity to have a secret talent though. Keith’s former Celebrity Juice co-star Fearne Cotton is also nifty with a paintbrush, while Pierce Brosnan can eat fire. As these celebs prove, you can’t always judge a book by its cover…

Mike Tyson: Pigeon racer

Tyson credits pigeons with getting him back on the straight and narrow after a stint in prison. Since retiring from boxing, he takes his pigeon duties very seriously – he has over 70 pigeons at home in coops and claims to know every pigeon by sight.

Mike Tyson loves nothing more a bit of pigeon racing!

Eva Longoria: Clarinet

When you think of Eva, you probably don’t think woodwind instrument, but the Desperate Housewives actress is actually an accomplished clarinet player. She even appeared on US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live to do a clarinet battle with the host.

Margot Robbie: Tattooist

The Aussie actress found her hidden talent on the set of Suicide Squad, where she gave several of her co-stars tattoos. Since then she’s done about 100 tattoos for people, but said on the Graham Norton show that, “I'm probably getting worse as I go along!"

Victoria Coren Mitchell: Poker Player

The writer and TV presenter started playing poker as a teenager. Since then, she’s become the first two-time winner of the European Poker Tour and in 2016, was inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. As of 2018, her total live tournament winnings exceed $2,470,000. Not bad for a ‘second’ job, eh?

Writer Victoria Cohen made history in 2014 when she became the first two-time winner of the European Poker Tour

Johnny Vegas: Pottery

Johnny studied pottery at Middlesex University where he was taught by Kate Malone from The Great Pottery Throw Down (on which he also showed off his ability to create a teapot in one minute). While he didn’t do that well at uni – he got a third-class degree – he still enjoys creating pottery at home and even has a piece in the V&A museum!

Kim Sears: Painter of pet portraits

She may be better known as Andy Murray’s other half, but Kim has her very own talent – she paints pet portraits. Before marrying the pro, Kim even had her own business – Brushes and Paws – where pet owners could commission her to draw pictures of her their precious pooches.

David Silva: Rubik cube genius

Manchester City midfield Silva is more than just a pro on the pitch, he’s also a pro at solving the Rubik’s cube. While the world record for solving it is 5.5 seconds, David managed to do it in 24 seconds. Other famous Rubik Cube super solvers include actor Will Smith (he did it in 55 seconds) and singer Justin Bieber, who took 83 seconds to solve the puzzle.

Zac Efron: Pole dancing (kind of)

During one appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Zac demonstrated his ability to hang horizontally from a pole. As you do…

Zac Efron demonstrated his pole-dancing skills on the Graham Norton Show.

Taylor Swift: Jam Making

You expect pop stars to love nothing more than trashing hotel rooms and partying all night. Not Taylor, who loves nothing more than a spot of jam making. It all started in her teens, when her mum would make jam, and now the millionaire loves nothing more than to give her home-made jam as gifts to fellow celebs such as Ed Sheeran.

Cara Delevigne: Beatboxing

It’s not just her brows that are on fleek; Cara’s beatboxing skills are pretty tasty as well. In fact, they’re so good the model was invited into the studio with Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams, who were pretty impressed with her skills.

Drake: Fortnite

He may be rich and successful but like pretty much every male across the globe right now, Drake is obsessed with the online survival game Fortnite. As well as playing with his mates, he famously battled Fortnite pro Ninja, the video of which has had nearly 9 million views so far. Other famous Fortnite battlers include Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard, Joe Jonas and Travis Scott.

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