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11 gardening essentials to score at Walmart's biggest sale ever — starting at $10

From thorn-proof gloves to pest-prevention products, you'll find 'em all at Walmart's anti-Prime Day sale.

Gardening gloves, plant pots, clipper, raised flower bed, hose
There's no time like now to discover the joy of gardening! (Walmart)

If you haven't heard yet, Walmart's anti-Prime Day sale is in full swing with major savings on everything from home goods and tech gear to outdoor patio furniture. While you're shopping the discount event (it runs through July 11), make sure to check out the amazing deals on some of my favorite gardening essentials — whether you're a seasoned horticulturist with old shears that can't even cut paper or a newbie looking to plant their first tulips, Walmart's got the goods to help your landscape start looking terrific by tomorrow.

When I lived in Queens, NY, the train would take me past lovely Tudor homes with gorgeous gardens, and I'd dream of having a yard where I could grow my own flowers and plants. This dream came true after I bought a house with a yard — then I realized I had no idea how to grow anything. My horticultural vocabulary was, indeed, just "flowers and plants." Hosta? Cana? I was utterly lost — until I realized I just had to learn by getting my hands dirty. Now I'm sharing my green thumb tricks of the trade with you.

Whatever your green thumb, these 11 items at Walmart will get your garden growing — and July's a great time, since this is the ideal month for all those colorful blooms to pop.

Now that we’re in the heatwave part of the summer, it’s critical to get the right hose for your garden. Because going back and forth to the kitchen sink to fill up a watering can just won’t do.

This hose withstands kinks, breaks and leaks thanks to its flexible design. It comes with a 10-nozzle spray hose, a holder so you don't leave it in a tangle, and even a storage bag. In short, it's got everything but the kitchen sink — and you can connect it to your kitchen sink with the included adapters. But best of all, it's expandable, so will contract to a smaller size when not in use. (Also available in lengths from 25 feet to 150 feet.)

Nearly 2,500 reviewers don't think it's a hoser — they've given it five stars. One raved, "I'm in love with my hose ... how lightweight it is, the way it shrinks down after you shut it off, no kinks, made from good quality materials. Out of all the hoses I've bought this one is my favorite."

$25 at Walmart

Great-looking garden tools — how often can you say that? If you're starting from square one, look no further than this tool set, now only $26 (down from $100). 

It includes a large trowel, small trowel, cultivator, weeder, pruning shears, spray bottle, gardening gloves and and easy-to-clean Oxford cloth tote to keep all your tools safely packed away, so they're not laying in the ground during a rainstorm. Also, these will get you an outdoor haven the neighbors will be raving about.

One shopper reported, "They're surprisingly sturdy for the price — a great deal in my opinion." Agreed another: "Excellent, durable and precise, especially for ground plants, weeds and uprooted grasses."

$26 at Walmart

If you don't need a whole gardening kit and caboodle, a set of pruners will do wonders — because even if you do have a green thumb, branches, stems and leaves will shrivel and turn brown over time. Clip them to keep your space looking healthy and allow new growth to come through. 

These pruners have an ergonomic design with a non-slip grip, and the all-steel blade has a rust-resistant coating.

Fiskars is hugely popular with gardeners (and crafters!) so it's no wonder these pruners have devoted fans. "Really like these," revealed one. "They've handled everything that I've thrown at them including some of the oak branches in our front yard. They are light enough to get out for quick trimming but heavy duty enough to put up with full work days."

$10 at Walmart

Elevate the look of your garden with this waterproof raised bed. Garden beds are ideal if you've stooped to conquer weeds one too many times, or if you're planting greens that you want to keep away from critters. This raised bed is made of waterproof fir and comes with a handy storage shelf. It also has three drainage holes to maintain healthy soil. Even better, it's $72 off during Walmart's anti-Prime Day sale. 

"Ordered one of these raised garden beds and have been pleasantly surprised!" admitted this gardener. "It's quality construction, is a deep bed, went together very easily and it looks fantastic."

$100 at Walmart

Sometimes it's nice not to plant your plants — putting them into a well-drained pot can both make life easier for you and spruce up the look of the space. These pots are both functional and decorative, and at $16 a pop you might want to stock up on a few! They will look beautiful with bright flowers like zinnias or dahlias. (Try them indoors, too.)

"I selected these planters for their durability and I'm not disappointed," reported this customer. "In placing plants into them, I knocked one over on a concrete slab and it didn't mar the exterior finish at all. The two-tone blue finish fits with my exterior area rug and they dressed up the covered patio well."

$32 at Walmart

Another important lesson I learned in Gardening 101 — there's dirt and there's soil. Soil has nutrients that'll help your garden grow, and cultivate a lawn that'll make you want to roll around on it. Meanwhile, dirt is ... dirt. No air gets through, it turns to mud in the rain, and yields weeds. So, air out your ground with help from this Aerator, which loosens up the earth and lets those nutrients in. It has 15 sharp spikes to do the dirty work, and is easy to store. It will help you have real grass, not crabgrass, for your lawn.

"It works!" exclaimed this happy customer. "This aerator is fantastic. It effectively creates holes in the lawn, promoting better growth and overall lawn health. I'm looking forward to seeing the results this year after applying fertilizer, seed, and with some rainfall. An excellent and affordable product." 

$27 at Walmart

If you're out in the suburbs and grow hosta, chances are they've become a victim of deer. Deer love hosta like I love ziti. And all sorts of four-legged types will, at some point, try and treat your garden like a smorgasbord. Repel them with these all-natural granules made from pepper, clove and garlic that will keep your plants — and kids and pets — safe.

According to this repellent fan, "I'm an animal lover — I just do not want to see them in my yard repeatedly. These granules work great and it doesn't take a lot. ... This product provides a powerful scent/taste that animals find unpleasant, so it drives them away naturally. Plus, it can also be used in areas where children and pets play. It's biodegradable and will not harm lawns, gardens, flower beds or other desirable plants. It's essentially safe for your area and the animals you want to deter."

$13 at Walmart

Gardening can do a number on your knees, but this cushy foam pad makes getting down on the ground a bit more comfortable. The water-resistant kneeling pad is made with thick, high-density foam to stand up to dirt and rocks while protecting your knees.

"Great gardening aid," an impressed customer shared. "I like to garden and have a knee that hurts when I kneel down. This is very comfortable, easy to use and provides a good spot to put small objects that you are using. I have two of them. I prefer them to knee pads."

$19 at Walmart
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$18 at Amazon

One other lesson I learned in Gardening 101 — wear gloves. Scratched-up fingers and trips to Urgent Care for steroids to treat poison ivy taught me that the hard way. But someone's gotta do this thorny job, and since that someone is you, try these puncture-proof, scratch-resistant, anti-slip gardening gloves that'll keep your hands safe from sharp things while letting you get a grip on weeds, stems and branches. Trim rose bushes, grow cactus and handle prickly raspberries easily. They can also be used around the house.

"I have a thorn bush that has pretty roses on it, but boy does it grow prickly thorns," said this gardener. "These gloves are good at protecting my fingers from those nasty thorns while I'm trimming the bush. They're comfortable and fit like, well, gloves!"

$13 at Walmart

Dandelions, you and your tap roots have met your match. Destroy crabgrass, nutsedge and, of course, dandelions with this ready-to-use spray. Its powerful formula gets all the way down to the roots and prevents regrowth for up to five months. It works ASAP, with visible results the same day.

"I used it to clear my driveway and some other spots around the house where the weeds tried to take over," wrote a reviewer. "I love that the handle has an adjustable spray for additional length if needed or into tighter spaces. It killed grass with no issues and finally cleaned up the random spots along my driveway. It works very quickly and I saw results later the same day. Word of caution — do not spray on any vegetation that you don't want to kill."

$22 at Walmart

Keep your lawn and garden tidy this summer without breaking your back — or bank. This device gets into places that mowers can’t (think edges), plus it's lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying around a mower. It comes with a battery, charger and replacement string spool.

Said a five-star reviewer: "This trimmer is lightweight to hold and maneuver but it's not a 'lightweight' on what it can do. It's rated for smaller jobs yet this outperformed a larger weed-eater easily. It is comfortable to use, and once I got used to it, easy to adjust getting under/around trees, bushes etc." 

$89 at Walmart

Want to save even more? Make sure you’re signed up for Walmart+. Right now, you can score an annual membership for just $49 — that's 50% off — or sign up for a free 30-day trial here. You’ll get free shipping and grocery delivery, savings on gas and prescriptions, exclusive access to major deals, and more. (And by the way, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

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