21 of the most cringeworthy moments on 'Love Is Blind' season 4 so far

21 of the most cringeworthy moments on 'Love Is Blind' season 4 so far
  • Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Love Is Blind" season four.

  • Watching Jackie and Marshall break up was painful.

  • Zack and Bliss had one of the most uncomfortable family visits in "Love Is Blind" history.

Paul instantly forgot Amber's name on episode one.

Paul Peden on "Love Is Blind."
Paul Peden on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

When Paul Peden first met Amber Wilder in episode one, he asked her what her name was and immediately discussed how she was named after the gemstone. Paul must have gotten amnesia because afterward, he asked her, "What's your name? How old are you?"

I know he was probably nervous and the mistake is ultimately harmless but still... moments like that are why the phrase "awkward turtle" exists.

Billy asked women some potentially offensive questions in episode one.

Billy on "Love Is Blind."
Billy on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

A dater named Billy asked women some potentially offensive questions in episode one.

Some might find it funny to ask a stranger (who has hopefully passed a thorough background check) if they've ever murdered anyone. But grilling someone about their nationality and their height, especially while on a dating show that prioritizes personality over looks, is uncool. Luckily, he was only on screen for a few painful seconds.

The vibe got weird between Amber and Paul in episode one when they talked about cheating.

Amber on "Love Is Blind" season four.
Amber rather suddenly admitted to Paul on episode one that she'd been married before.Netflix.

Amber and Paul were establishing a solid bond in episode one and discussing complex issues when he asked her if she would ever cheat on a partner. His question came right after Amber revealed that she was divorced after being in an unhealthy marriage.

In response to Paul's question, Amber referenced her failed marriage. "I'd like to think that I wouldn't, but I think it would've led down to that road, just because I wasn't happy."

Amber said that if someone cheats, there's usually an "underlying issue" though it wasn't "okay" to do to someone.

Instead of seeing her response as realistic and vulnerable, Paul told Amber it was a "red flag" for him. She then had to backtrack and explain that she hadn't cheated and would end another relationship before it got to that point. Awkward.

Tiffany fell asleep while Brett was confessing his feelings in episode one.

Tiffany Pennywell on episode one of "Love Is Blind."
Tiffany Pennywell on episode one of "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Tiffany Pennywell appeared to be a woman who had her life together and was turning to "Love Is Blind" to find her soulmate, the last missing piece to her puzzle.

So, it was confusing — and a little bit gut-wrenching! — to watch her fall asleep on the couch in her pod as Brett Brown confessed deep feelings for her. Thankfully all was forgiven and the couple became the first to get engaged.

Irina and Micah laughed at Amber's heartbreak in episode two.

Irina and Micah on "Love Is Blind."
Irina and Micah on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Speaking of awkward moments between Amber and Paul, he broke up with her in episode two to exclusively pursue a relationship with Micah Lussier. Since all of the women live in the same apartment during the pods stage, Micah saw Amber crying after her final talk with Paul.

Instead of giving her personal space, Micah told her friend Irina Solomonova to eavesdrop on Amber as she cried about the breakup to another woman in the pods. The whole scene was childish, very "Mean Girls," and difficult to watch without screaming at the screen.

Irina asked Bliss for one of the candles from the cupcakes that Bliss was giving Zack for his birthday on episode two.

Irina on "Love Is Blind."
Irina forgot Zack's birthday on episode two.Netflix

Irina and Bliss Poureetezadi were both dating Zach Goytowski on episode two, and his birthday occurred when everyone was living in the pods. To celebrate, Bliss made him cupcakes, which reminded Irina that she had forgotten Zack's birthday. Instead of coming up with her own idea, Irina proceeded to ask Bliss if she could have one of the cupcake candles.

Everyone knows they'll be dating some of the same people as their roommates when they sign up for "Love Is Blind." That part of the experiment is awkward enough. But for Irina to bring her thoughtlessness to Bliss's attention and then ask her for help out of the situation is rude.

It brings the awkwardness to another level, and Bliss isn't at fault. This cringy moment is all on Irina and her need for catty drama.

Zack's sang for Irina on episode three.

Zack on "Love Is Blind."
Zack on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Irina and Zack's relationship has plenty of awkward moments on its own.

For example, was it painful watching Zack sing Irina a love song he wrote for her on episode three? Absolutely, and yet I can't pinpoint why. He wasn't the worst singer I've ever heard, so maybe it was because the lyrics referenced a "Blarney Stone." Odd. Or, maybe it was just clear to me that Zack was making a bad decision and didn't know it yet.

Zack and Irina had what was probably the most awkward first meeting in "Love Is Blind" history in episode four.

Irina on "Love Is Blind."
Everything about Zack and Irina's first meeting was awkward.Netflix.

Zack and Irina's first in-person meeting was so awkward that it deserves its own article.

First of all, they used the word "creepy" to describe each other multiple times. Then there was the fact that Irina said Zack looked like a cartoon character and that his gaze made her feel uncomfortable.

She was also obviously more charmed by the engagement ring he bought for her than by Zack himself. But Zack had some cringe moments, too. I thought that Irina's signals were loud and clear while watching her react to him, so it was quite alarming to see him lean in and ask for a kiss.

No, Zack. From the moment she saw you, Irina did not want a kiss.

Chelsea introduced Kwame to her baby blanket on episode four.

Kwame and on "Love Is Blind."
Kwame and Chelsea on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin had lots of love triangle drama in the pods, but from the moment they met in person, there appeared to be genuine love and attraction between them.

It's possible that I'm the only one that thinks it's odd that Chelsea, who is now 31, still sleeps with a baby blanket named Baba. But more power to Kwame for only taking a small beat before saying Baba was welcome in their bed.

Micah and Kwame's first meeting was destined to be weird.

Micah and Kwame on episode four.
Micah and Kwame on episode four.Netflix

Kwame appeared to only see a future with Micah until she dumped him for Paul. So, their first meeting was bound to be awkward, and their nervous laughter and insistence that they had once had a strong "foundation" and still cared about each other only added an exclamation point to that fact.

Irina shoved a pillow over her face during a serious conversation with Zack on episode five.

Irina on "Love Is Blind."
Irina checked out of her relationship with Zack in Mexico.Netflix

It was no surprise to me or probably any other viewer that Zack and Irina's relationship didn't survive past Mexico. One of their biggest red flags? When Irina put a pillow over her face as Zack told her that he wasn't going to chase her and thought their relationship was done.

Bliss and Zack's first meeting in person on episode six was bound to be awkward.

Bliss on "Love Is Blind" season four, episode six.
Bliss on "Love Is Blind" season four, episode six.Netflix

Zack had just returned from breaking up with Irina in Mexico, and he was meeting Bliss to tell her that he had made a mistake and ask her for a second chance at their relationship. She eventually agreed, but it was difficult to watch as a viewer because I couldn't see what Bliss wanted out of the meeting.

Micah confronted Irina about her feelings for Paul on episode six.

Micah on "Love Is Blind" episode six.
Micah on "Love Is Blind" episode six.Netflix

Irina didn't hide her mean side from Micah in the pods, but Micah probably never expected her friend to hit on her fiancé.

Irina didn't have an excuse for her behavior, and it was awkward to watch her stutter about her attraction when Micah asked if she had to worry about Irina potentially hitting on Paul if the women continued to be friends and if she and Paul got married.

Irina has yet to appear again on "Love Is Blind" after her chat with Micah, which is probably a good thing.

Kwame and Chelsea had one of their worst arguments at an inopportune time.

Kwame and Chelsea on "Love Is Blind."
Kwame and Chelsea on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Kwame and Chelsea have had a relatively stable relationship, especially after returning to the US from Mexico. But right before her father Charles came over to meet Kwame, Chelsea got very stressed about whether her dad would approve of their relationship. Nothing Kwame could say would calm her down, which started to stress Kwame out, right before her dad rang the doorbell.

Chelsea's feelings were understandable, but her stress was more awkward to think about in hindsight because Charles was a sweet man who wished her and Kwame nothing but the best.

Jackie and Marshall had an awful fight in episode eight.

Marshall Glaze and Jackie Bonds on "Love is Blind"
Marshall and Jackie on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Jackie appeared to be uncomfortable with the way Marshall expressed his masculinity from early on in their relationship. On episode eight, her feelings came out and culminated in a fight during which Marshall claimed Jackie had said that he wasn't "man enough" for her. In turn, Jackie blamed Marshall for their poor sex life.

As a viewer, the fight was uncomfortable to watch because Jackie appeared to want a completely different type of man than Marshall. It's valid to be attracted to a certain type, but sad to watch Jackie judge Marshall for simply being who he is instead of being the man she wants him to be.

Bliss confronted Zack about being his "second choice" on episode eight.

Zack on "Love Is Blind" episode eight.
Zack on "Love Is Blind" episode eight.Netflix

Zack and Bliss have arguably had the most unconventional journey in "Love Is Blind" history so far. Since he put a ring on another woman's finger first and took that woman to Mexico, the two were bound to have some awkward conversations.

But it was still strange to watch Bliss tell Zack she felt like his "second choice," and to see him try to justify his actions on episode eight. It was a conversation they had to have, but it felt invasive to watch.

Micah's friends roasted Paul on episode eight.

Micah's friends on "Love Is Blind" episode eight.
Micah's friends on "Love Is Blind" episode eight.Netflix

Paul met some of Micah's friends on episode eight, and it didn't go well. Her friend Shelby, in particular, was instantly critical of Paul, and he told her flat-out that he didn't care what she thought of him. When Paul left the women alone at the bar, Shelby told Micah she didn't think the relationship would work.

Honesty is necessary in friendships, but it was still hard to watch Shelby be that frank.

Josh confronted Marshall on episode eight.

Josh on episode eight of "Love Is Blind."
Josh on episode eight of "Love Is Blind."Netflix

Josh showed up to Chelsea's birthday party on episode eight and was seemingly drunk when he had a conversation with Marshall about how they both loved the same woman.

He said, "Don't let this change us." Then, after he walked away from a confused Marshall, he immediately went up to Jackie and begged her to "pick me." It was all weird.

Marshall learned that Jackie ditched her wedding dress fitting from Brett on episode nine.

Brett on episode 10.
Brett on episode 10 of "Love Is Blind."Netflix

While the men were trying on their suits and the women were meant to be trying on their wedding dresses, Brett got a text from his fiancée Tiffany saying that Jackie wasn't at the appointment.

Brett then had to go inform his friend Marshall that Jackie was a no-show. Marshall was clearly taken aback and upset.

Jackie and Marshall broke up on episode 10.

Jackie on episode 10.
Jackie on episode 10.Netflix

Any breakup is hard to watch, but Jackie and Marshall's was particularly painful when she told him she was leaving him and intended to see if a relationship with Josh would work. She added salt to the wound when she refused to give back the ring and said she's "not even sorry" about her decision. Harsh.

Bliss' dad was not on board with her and Zack getting married.

Bliss's dad on episode 10 of "Love is Blind."
Bliss's dad on episode 10 of "Love Is Blind."Netflix

When Zack met Bliss's dad on episode 10, the older man just wanted to bond over physical activities like fishing and golf. Zack doesn't play any sports and immediately began talking about Washington law.

The men didn't vibe at all, and when Bliss came back to the table her dad immediately began expressing doubt about the whole experiment. It was one of the most awkward family visits fans have seen on the series to date.

"Love Is Blind" season four is currently streaming on Netflix.

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