11 Newest Tech Gadgets for Summer Travel

Amazon Kindle Scribe
Light weight, long lasting battery, and a larger screen than previous models make the Amazon Kindle Scribe a travel necessity for bookworms. As the name suggests, Scribe also allows for users to draw on the screen or write notes directly onto, for example, their favorite passages of a novel. Buy for $339.99 (Photo: Courtesy of Amazon)
Google Pixel Fold
Baggage restrictions get more severe by the day. Why not leave the tablet at home? The Google Pixel Fold unfurls into a 7.6-inch tablet on stainless-steel hinges, with a powerful camera—here, 48 megapixels. With up to 72 hours of battery life, you might endure your entire long weekend getaway on one charge. Buy for 1,799 (Photo: Courtesy of Google)
Apple AirTag
Even organized types misplace things while hustling out the door. Cut down on the panic with the Apple AirTag, which wirelessly transmits the location of crucial items to your phone. Tag your wallet! Tag your passport! Tag your kids! All the info is encrypted, so your valuables can betray their whereabouts to you alone. Buy for $99 (Photo: Courtesy of Apple)
Ostrichpillow Heated Neck Wrap
If you ask really nicely, or bring a forged doctor’s note, a flight attendant might agree to heat up this compact, clay-bead-filled neck wrap in the nut-warming oven, allowing it to provide soothing radiant heat to the tension-prone muscles in the neck. If not, its pleasing weight is enough to comfort. Buy for $45 (Photo: Courtesy of Ostrichpillow)
Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe
Anker is the king of aftermarket charging solutions, and this Apple-specific block makes wrestling with a thatch of dingy white cables a thing of the past. The block doubles as a phone stand, turning your airplane tray table into a mini cinema. Buy for $149.95 (Photo: Courtesy of Anker)
NetGear Nighthawk M6 Pro Hotspot Router
Some unplug on vacation, but hybrid workers, culture vultures, and cinephiles demand fast, private internet wherever they go. Why risk low-security airport Wi-Fi or a Colorado cabin without means to stream The Shining? The new Nighthawk uses a sturdy 5G connection for 8Gbps speeds and can support 32 devices for up to 13 hours. It’s a spec monster; your home router is jealous. Buy for $999.99 (Photo: Courtesy of NETGEAR)
Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer
There’s an iron lurking in most hotel rooms and vacation rentals, waiting to unleash tarry stains from prior use onto your one nice outfit. Steam instead. This handheld device eases wrinkles from shirts, suits, and slacks sans risk. You know the shower trick? This is that, without the wet sleeves, the 45-minute delay, and the flooded foyer carpeting. Buy for $69.99 (Photo: Courtesy of Conair)
Samsung “The Freestyle” Projector
Save this one for your destination: A compact, powerful projector that can turn any blank wall into a screen. The Freestyle can project from the side and adjust its picture automatically, greatly increasing its use cases. Plus, a built-in speaker and optional battery base make this a true portable cinema. Buy for $189.99 (Photo: Courtesy of Samsung)
Tumi Travel Luggage Scale
If you’ve decided to stick with your old Samsonite but still crave on-the-go metrics, this Tumi travel luggage scale provides ounce-accurate measurements from a case small enough to fit in a purse. Flying to Montana? Use it to weigh trout too. Buy for $75 (Photo: Courtesy of TUMI)
JBL Clip 3
Built for a backpack, the JBL Clip 3 bluetooth speaker is small in stature but large in sound. Plus, durable rubber cladding means it can survive a tumble onto the pool deck, or the indelicacies of the most sadistic baggage handler, and come out singing–for up to ten hours between charges. Buy for $49.95 (Photo: Courtesy of JBL)
SmartLuggage 26" Hardside Airline Approved Spinner Luggage
What if you never again had to frantically and humiliatingly reapportion your underthings and other unmentionables out of a 51-pound checked bag at the airport counter? The SmartLuggage 26" has a built-in scale in the handle, so you’ll always know exactly how heavy you’re rolling. Buy for $296.99 (Photo: Courtesy of Heys)

From Anker’s three-in-one compact charger to Apple’s trackable AirTag, these are the latest devices you need on the road or in the air

Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest