11 Unexpected Uses for Vinegar

The most versatile product in your home

Vinegar does a lot more than flavor salads. In fact, it's a miracle product with uses that range from sunburn relief to odor elimination. Next time you have any of the following challenges, reach for vinegar and you'll get good results and likely save money, too!

1. Odor Eliminator
Has your fireplace backed up lately? Have you burned something in the oven? Both of these mishaps result in unwanted odors lingering in the house. Fortunately, vinegar traps and eliminates odors! To refresh your air, soak a piece of white bread in vinegar and place it close to the source of the smell. In just 24 hours, your space will be stench-free!

2. Sunburn Relief
Vinegar eliminates the sting and itchiness that comes with sunburns. To sooth scorched skin, mix equal parts vinegar and cooled black tea and sponge it onto burned areas. You may smell a little acidic, but the relief far outweighs the odor.

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3. Acne Helper

Forget expensive acne medicines! The anti-microbial properties of vinegar keep pore-clogging bacteria in check. To prevent pimples, lightly wipe your face with white vinegar a few times a week.

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4. Dandruff Cure
Vinegar restores your head's alkaline balance and offers much-needed itch relief! To relieve a dry scalp, rinse hair with a half cup of white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar mixed with two cups of water.

5. Breath Freshener
Vinegar kills bacteria, including those in your mouth. Gargle with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar a few times a week and you'll keep your saliva sanitary and odor-free.

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6. Appetite Suppressant
Throngs of dieters rely on tablespoon of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar mixed with a cup of water before mealtime to help them feel fuller, quicker.

7. Silver Polish
Vinegar combined with baking soda can bring dull silver jewelry back to life. To polish your silver, let it sit in a mixture of one-half cup white vinegar and two tablespoons baking soda for two hours. Rinse with cold water, pat dry, and admire hard work made easy.

8. Sticker Remover
Stickers-including bumper stickers and kids' misplaced stickers-can be removed by soaking their corners with white vinegar and scraping them off with a credit card. Any leftover sticky residue washes off easily when dabbed with vinegar.

9. Clog Preventer

Heavy-duty drain cleaners actually erode your pipes, causing more harm than good. Not so for vinegar, which when combined with hot water and baking soda, is invaluable for preventative pipe care. To clean your pipes of buildup, which should be done annually even if you have no problems with them, combine one gallon of boiling water with one cup baking soda, and one cup vinegar and pour it down your drain.

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10. Surface Sanitizer
Vinegar kills bacteria, which makes it an awesome choice for washing down kitchen counters and cutting boards-especially since it's non-toxic. You can use it in the bathroom, too.

11. Insect Repellent
Mosquitoes, gnats, and other pestering insects have an aversion to vinegar, which means you can keep them away from your outdoor dining area by wiping down your patio furniture with vinegar right before guests come over. Ante up the protection by spraying white vinegar on your exposed limbs.

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