12 Deals of Christmas- Day 6: Travel in style and save 80 per cent on a new three-piece luggage set

SWISSGEAR Apex 3-Piece Hard Side Expandable Luggage Set in Blue. Image via Best Buy

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For many Canadians, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to head south for a little sunshine and relaxation.

If you’re planning to get away this winter, treat yourself to a stylish new luggage set from SWISSGEAR.

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For only $199.99 CAD, you can purchase the three-piece hard-sided Apex luggage set, which regularly retails for $999.99 CAD from Best Buy.

SWISSGEAR Apex luggage in rose gold. Image via Best Buy.

The collection comes with 28″, 24″ and 20″ suitcases, with 360-degree spinning wheels to make navigating through the airport or cruise ship a breeze.

Available in four different colours: charcoal, rose gold, blue and teal; the Apex luggage set is expandable, durable and the perfect choice for your next adventure.

Don’t miss out! The SWISSGEAR Apex 3-Piece Hard Side Expandable Luggage Set is available (online only) until Jan. 3.

SHOP IT- SWISSGEAR Apex 3-Piece Hard Side Expandable Luggage Set at Best Buy

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