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Throw It Back to Your Favorite Decade with These '90s Halloween Costumes

If you've ever wished you could build a time machine that transports you back to the '90s, well, you're not alone. Everyone loves the decade that brought us boy bands, Friends, and mom jeans. While we may not have an actual time machine handy, these throwback '90s Halloween costumes are the next best thing — and now that some of the signature looks of the '90s are coming back in style, it'll be even easier to piece together some of these DIY costumes. Whether you'd rather pair the high-waisted jeans hanging in your closet with your favorite flannel to dress as Topanga from Boy Meets World or dust off your platform shoes to wear with a babydoll dress to look like Romy or Michele, it's never been easier to emulate the '90s. If DIY isn't your thing, don't worry: There are plenty of ready-made '90s costumes you can purchase at a reasonable price. From movies to toys and pop culture icons, these 20 looks will take you — and everyone at your party — back to a decade of fun.