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It can boost your memory

Remember the term resveratrol because it’s very important. The naturally occurring compound is found in foods including red grapes, red wine, raspberries and dark chocolate. Turns out it’s really useful when it comes to memory as it stops harmful immune molecules from getting into brain tissue. If you have nutmeg in your mulled wine, that too can stimulate the brain, decreasing fatigue and stress and improving your concentration levels. [Photo: Getty]

14 unexpected health benefits of mulled wine

As Christmas approaches, mulled wine is probably on your radar. If you haven’t had a cup of the good stuff yet (what are you doing?), then it might be time to start.

Especially when you realise the health properties the hot wine actually has.

Science has proven that mulled wine can help with anything from preventing colds and lowering cholesterol to boosting your memory and strengthening your bones.

It’s also great beauty-wise with lots of anti-ageing properties that work for the skin and body.

So there you have it. Time to knock them back. (Though maybe not too much.)

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