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Forget the Fireworks — Rocket Jello Shots Are the Best Way to Celebrate the 4th of July

So, you've got your smokey and savory barbecue recipes on the grill, your festive, DIY Independence Day decor hanging up, and some red, white, and blue crafts to keep the kids occupied — sounds like a pretty good holiday, right? The only thing missing is a festive 4th of July drink in your hand. That's right: The only thing that can make this holiday even better is a refreshing summer drink.

From boozy slushies to colorful shots (and not to forget drinks that are basically dessert, like Black Raspberry Pie Milkshakes with Black Raspberry Fudge), these drinks will turn a celebration into a party. Plus, there a plenty of ways to turn these boozy favorites into family-friendly fare — simply remove the alcohol to turn your Red, White, and Blue Pina Colada into a virgin one. Cool down on a hot summer day with these patriotic cocktails, shots, and big-batch punches. It's the American way!