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Many women agonize over what to wear on a first date: Something cool and flattering that you feel great in, but that doesn't look too extra or over-thought. When you're about to start something possibly life-changing, you want your outfit to be special. Pity you rarely have that same control and specificity when you end the relationship. But in the movies, they do. Costumes play a major role in expressing a character's personality and details about the world around them, so it's no surprise some breakup outfits have become as iconic as the movie themselves. Who can forget what Kate Hudson's character wore when she ended things with Ben in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? (That low-back yellow silk gown!) In honor of all the fierce women who have had their hearts broken-or done the breaking-we're taking a closer look at the very outfit they wore when the drama unfolded. After all, I came for the style and the spectacle.

Carrie Bradshaw's Wedding Gown, Plus More Iconic Movie Breakup Outfits

I came for the drama and the clothes.

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