17 Fails From Around The Internet This Week That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Actually Text This Article Link To Your Friends And Say "Lol Look At This"

Hello, beautiful and gorgeous readers. Welcome back to the weekly post where I curate the funniest fails from around the internet for your reading pleasure. Here are this week's best:

1. This person, for making a CD for their grandma and including hits such as "TiK ToK" by Ke$ha and "Womanizer" by Britney Spears:

Twitter: @chiwithaC

2. This horrifying pumpkin patch entrance:

Twitter: @fractalcounty

3. This person, for eating these lip scrubs...although, I kind of get it. They're a forbidden treat:


4. New York City:

Twitter: @danpantelo

5. Whoever is making potions out of eggs and leaving it for Target employees to clean up:

Twitter: @dollarbillbluez

6.Falling for the world's cutest scam:

tweet reading "thinking about when I was working at Sephora and this customer brought in a cat to distract us from his homie stealing products and we all fell for it LOL"

The criminal in question:

A man's hands holding up a kitten

7. This Landlord Special™:

Twitter: @hornymermaid69

8. The people of Chicago, for thinking they can contain The Bean:

Twitter: @OneFeIISwoop

9. The wording of these greeting cards. Someone in the comments said, "Christmas cards for Queen Jocasta," and that made me laugh:

Twitter: @ikisnick

10. Tbblobnoern:

Twitter: @redrawnoxen

11. The fact that someone had to draw this fake crosswalk:

Twitter: @ChanceBonar

12. First of all, that's an escalator. Secondly, rest in peace to her Louboutins:

Twitter: @bingomilf

13. This restaurant that is apparently flooded with fish *on purpose*?

Twitter: @Liamjsm

14. This miscommunication:

Twitter: @majipres

15. The (lack of) tread on this tire. I'm scared for her:

Twitter: @doitmuvaaa

16. This cute parenting moment:

Twitter: @JeremyWingert79

17. And, finally, trying to be responsible when drunk:

Twitter: @Matt0791

I hope you laughed as much as I did! You can check out some more hilarious fails posts here. If you liked these tweets, be sure to follow their creators!