A 1964 Jaguar E-Type Low-Drag Coupe Re-Creation in Photos

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A re-creation of a 1964 Jaguar E-Type Low-Drag Coupe, now available through Canepa.

The original Low-Drag Coupe was a utilitarian device, paying no heed to creature comfort, but luxurious improvements are immediately apparent when slipping into the cockpit of this re-creation.

Every component in the cockpit, which is dressed in blue leather, is handcrafted.

Tipping a hat to Britain’s aviation heroes of World War WII, the dashboard incorporates switches salvaged from RAF fighter aircraft.

Under the hood is Jaguar’s 3.8-liter, inline-six engine.

The meticulously replicated aluminum clamshell hood (the original is one of the most complicated hoods in the history of the automobile) was made by UK-based RS Panels.

This car has only 766 miles on it.

Pricing for this re-creation is available upon request.