The 2 Affordable Cuts Of Meat Bobby Flay Uses When Cooking For A Crowd

Bobby Flay smiles in polo shirt
Bobby Flay smiles in polo shirt - Jeff Schear/Getty Images

After more than a decade on television and with several popular restaurants under his belt, it's understandable to think that when Bobby Flay cooks for a crowd, that crowd is expecting nothing less than a high-quality meal. So, what are his go-tos? During an interview with Tasting Table, the chef was asked which inexpensive cuts of meat he prefers when hosting a group. In turn, Flay told us that chicken thighs and skirt steak are the meats he reaches for.

According to Flay, he prefers chicken thighs over chicken breasts because they have "way more flavor." Meanwhile, when it comes to his beef selection, Flay said skirt steak has "tons of flavor," and that's not all. "It's economical. It's pretty easy to cook, you can get a really great crust on it," Flay shared, adding that it also "absorbs really big flavors." Flay also applauded skirt steak in his 2022 book, "Sundays With Sophie," in which he described the cut as "underrated" and said, "I love it because it has so much beefy flavor."

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Chicken Thighs And Skirt Steak Are A Better And More Flavorful Buy

chicken thighs and rosemary
chicken thighs and rosemary - Oleg Kozlovskyy/Shutterstock

Not only do chicken thighs have a great flavor, one Bobby Flay ranks above breasts, but they also have a lower price point. In fact, they are generally cheaper than both breasts and tenders, being closer in cost to drumsticks. At Walmart, chicken thighs are around $4.25 per pound while breasts and tenderloins cost about $6 per pound. The same goes for skirt steak, which Walmart sells for about $10 per pound alongside other cuts like its ribeye, which costs nearly $15 per pound, and its $11 per pound sirloin.

As for how Flay prepares his preferred meats, he said in "Sundays With Sophie" that he likes to "pump up" his thighs with "a lot of rosemary" and "a lot of lemons." Meanwhile, regarding his skirt steak, he offers recipes paired with a cilantro mint sauce, which he shared with the "Today" show, and with green and smoky red chimichurri sauce, which was seen on Food Network's "Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction."

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