The 2 Best Buns To Use For Your Copycat McDonald's McRib

Copycat McDonald's McRib on plate
Copycat McDonald's McRib on plate - Lindsay D. Mattison/Mashed

The McDonald's McRib has bid its cult-like following adieu on more than a few occasions, each time embarking on a farewell tour only to return the following year. With the threat of losing this fan-favorite sandwich forever looming on the horizon, Mashed Recipe Developer Lindsay D. Mattison engineered a Copycat McDonald's McRib recipe that rivals the original.

While the saucy riblet portion of this sandwich is the main character, its supporting cast is equally important — particularly the bun that holds it all together. Mattison asserts that two bread brands possess the qualities needed to match the original McRib bun. Sara Lee Center Split Deli Rolls and Francisco International French Sandwich Rolls were the best options on the market because of their shape and sturdiness.

Getting the bun right is the easiest part of this recipe, which otherwise requires a bit of elbow grease. Even though the McDonald's McRib doesn't actually contain that much rib meat, the meat that does go into the sandwich is molded into the shape of a rib rack. Mattison's recipe follows a similar strategy, and from start to finish, the sandwich should take just under an hour to come together.

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Avoid Soft Bread When Recreating The McRib

Fransisco International French Sandwich Rolls
Fransisco International French Sandwich Rolls - Lindsey D. Mattison/ Mashed

In preparation for the McRib's inevitable disappearance from McDonald's menus nationwide, it's time to fill your basements, cupboards, pantries and refrigerators with the ingredients for Lindsay D. Mattison's copycat McRib recipe. Pork, barbecue sauce, pickles, and onion all come heaped on a bun — which is arguably the most important part of the sandwich.

Mattison claimed finding the exact kind of bread McDonald's uses was nearly impossible, but she noted two brands that work well. Sara Lee Center Split Hoagie Rolls and Francisco International French Sandwich Rolls were the closest to the McDonald's version, but you can use any hoagie roll that will contain the shape of the rectangular riblet. What's also key is finding bread that can support the weight of the sandwich's contents. French bread or crusty, soft bread won't work because these will soak up the barbecue sauce and become soggy.

What you need to know about the McDonald's McRib is that the OG bun is typically dusted with semolina, which gives it a nutty flavor and prevents it from sticking during the baking process. A bun with a semolina dusting is nearly impossible to find in stores, Mattison said, but you should be able to locate something similar.

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