20 Couples Costume Ideas You Haven't Already Seen a Million Times

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Halloween is the perfect time to flex those creative muscles. If you're planning a couples costume this year, instead of going the route of say, ketchup and mustard, try something that's a bit more relevant. After all, 2023 was nothing if not inspirational, featuring iconic weddings, performances, TV shows, tours, movies, songs...the list goes on. With that said, you also don't want to be stuck wearing the same thing as everyone else at the party if you go too trendy (think Barbie and Ken in their neon roller skating gear). So, let's think outside the box together.

There are those couples costumes that you've seen over and over at this point—like Romeo and Juliet, or Harley Quinn and the Joker—so let's retire those and almost anything you can buy as a packaged set off the rack. In their place, go for something that will make people actually laugh, do a double take, or get them talking.

And for the record, a couples costume doesn't have to only be for the romantically inclined. You and your pal can also opt to be a pair—but if you're going to attempt it, you better stick the landing.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Go as two of the most successful tours of 2023—and perhaps amicable exes...? Because not only have these two been busy keeping the sequin industry in business, but rumor has it that they joined forces for a new track on Taylor's upcoming 1989 (Taylor's Version) album. If you know a Swiftie, chances are they've already got an outfit from the Eras Tour at the ready.


harry styles and taylor swift
David J Hogan/Kevin Winter/TAS23/Getty Images

Ken and Ken

There are going to be a million Barbies this Halloween, and probably more than a few Kens. But are there ever Kenough Kens? You could pick any pair of Kens from the movie—but the iconic all-black outfit and full-length fur coat that Ryan Gosling sported would be unforgettable, alongside Simu Liu-inspired green athletic wear and knee-high socks.


ryan gosling and simu liu from the barbie movie
Warner Bros. Pictures

Miley Cyrus and Flowers

Miley Cyrus can buy herself flowers, so put on a golden dress—or go for the oversized suit jacket also featured in the video (dance moves optional). Have a friend sport a flower costume and you might just win costume of the year.


miley cyrus flowers
Columbia Records / Paula Daniëlse/ Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

This Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial would be wicked easy to recreate, with Ben in drive-thru gear and Dunkin' merch and Jen in a big puffer jacket. Glazed donuts optional, but encouraged.


dunkin donuts ben affleck and jennifer lopez

Tom and Greg From 'Succession'

Need we say more? You'll need suits and ties, of course—but the sticker will really sell this one. (Not to mention a smug look for Tom and a face of utter panic for Greg.)


tom and greg succession

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

Behold one of the most stylish couples of the year. And anything goes. Really. Their outfits just somehow always...work. Take a dress shirt, leather jacket, and cargo shorts from your closet for his look. For hers, just some casual fur-on-fur action, leather shorts, and lace-up heels.


celebrity sightings in new york city may 05, 2023
Gotham - Getty Images

Richie and Carmy from 'The Bear'

While Richie wears suits now (IYKYK), you can skip the bespoke look and go for an original Berf shirt to nail Richie's classic style. As for Carmy, you can either choose the classic all-white chef's uniform or something as simple as a white tee. Just don't forget the mussed hair and the perpetually stressed out look.


the bear

Barbie and Oppenheimer

Barbie and Ken? Too predictable. This is the move instead. There's a ton of Barbie merch out there (So. Much. Pink.), so finding something for her should be no problem. For Oppenheimer, wear a dark suit, brown fedora, and a look that seems to say you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders.


Warner Bros. Pictures / Universal Pictures

Blue Ivy and Beyoncé

As if Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour weren't already one of the best things to happen in 2023, her daughter Blue Ivy has stunned the crowd, too, by joining Bey on stage for some performances. Master the dance moves and wear your best camouflage outfit to recreate this mother-daughter duo's look.


beyonce renaissance world tour atlanta
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet

For Chalamet's look, tousle your hair... then tousle it some more. And then decide if you want to channel his casual street style or bold red carpet picks. (Red, backless jumpsuit, anyone?) For Kylie, wear something glam—but really make sure to master that perfect lip. Or you can opt for the outfits they wore for their first public appearance together at Beyoncé's birthday concert in Los Angeles.


kylie jenner timothee chalamet
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Rihanna and Her Super Bowl Dancer

Yes, another Rihanna option, but what can we say? She's had an iconic year. Wear a red jumpsuit to channel her Super Bowl performance, and find a friend to sport an all-white, puffy "marshmallow" costume alongside you.


apple music super bowl lvii halftime show
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Daphne and Cameron From 'White Lotus'

Your vacation wardrobe doesn't have to sit in the closet until next summer. Wear your tropical faves, and plaster on a big smile to hide all your secrets.


white lotus

Ethan and Harper From 'White Lotus'

While you're at it, ask your friends to take this duo on and make it a really awkward double date. They can dress in muted vacation gear, matching skeptical faces, and BYO Aperol spritz.

SHOP swimsuit TOP

ethan and harper
Fabio Lovino/HBO

Charles and Oliver From 'Only Murders in the Building'

New York's quirkiest crime fighters make a great costume, with Charles's iconic glasses and hat and Oliver's love of a good blazer and scarf. Don't forget to wander around asking people how to use Bluetooth.


only murders in the building

Taika Waititi and Rita Ora

Go for Met Gala glam to recreate this stunning duo's look. Sure, they have designers, but you could get the look with white jeans, a gray robe, and lengthy necklaces for him. For her, stunning lingerie and a long tulle train would do the trick.


the 2023 met gala rita ora
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

Dr. Paul and Jimmy From 'Shrinking'

These casual work outfits couldn't be easier to replicate—and once you mimic this pose, everyone will know who you are. Then, as you roam the party, Dr. Paul can start dispensing his sage wisdom, while Jimmy gives unorthodox advice.


shrinking apple tv
Apple TV

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

You could try and mimic their wedding day looks, seeing as it was one of the biggest celebrity weddings of 2023. But if you don't have the funds for custom Chanel, you can cop any of Sofia's stylish looks. For Elliot, go with a suit with a sweater—instead of a button-down— and black-rimmed glasses. For Sofia, you'll need something that looks effortlessly trendy and timeless at the same time. If you choose this white and feathery ensemble, don't forget the micro purse.


celebrity sightings in los angeles may 09, 2023
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Roy and Jamie From 'Ted Lasso'

Their love-hate relationship blossomed into a full bromance, and we couldn't be happier. For Jamie's look, it's all about the hair—and the team jacket, of course. And Roy is a perfect option for the partner who hates costumes, as an all-black outfit and party hat can seal the look.


ted lasso
Apple TV+

Ronald and James Marsden from 'Jury Duty'

We all have that friend who knows nothing about pop culture. Dress them in a white and gray striped shirt and tell them they're Ronald—and give them zero context. For James Marsden, wear all black, a name tag, a five o'clock shadow, and that movie star smile.


jury duty
Amazon Freevee

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry: classic blue suit, tie, and dress shoes. And his signature pose, of course.

Meghan: a mid-length dress (probably from J.Crew), heels, and the happy smile of someone who doesn't have to deal with the royal family every day.


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