20 Items Costco Superfans Say To Stop Buying Due To Inflation

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Whether you’re stocking up for the next big holiday bash or simply trying to feed your family, you might want to reassess your Costco shopping list.

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Food in general has become almost unaffordable these days — the price of eggs has even become a wide-ranging meme as of late. However, because of the membership fee (or higher expectations), customers seem to be willing to cut Costco zero slack.

Costco is receiving shade from even the most loyal customers for failing to keep prices competitive. Social media is currently abuzz with common criticisms targeting some of the warehouse retailer’s most popular stock, although this is not a phenomenon restricted to the wholesale club.

Is it really Costco’s fault? Despite inflation, Costco still enjoys a solid reputation with its broad consumer demographic. Before a war, climate change, and supply chain disruptions catalyzed inflation, large households loved Costco because it was where they could buy enough bacon and bread for a week — and a get a bargain while doing so. Further, Costco’s loss leaders gave the company a natural edge. Is that still the case for everything Costco carries, though?

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That consumer goodwill may be in peril, if social media discussions are any indication. Based on the conversations of Reddit superfans on r/Costco/, below is a list of items to price watch when shopping at the warehouse.

1. Chicken pot pie.
2. Meat: steak, beef, chicken, bacon.
3. Coffee.
4. Snacks like spinach artichoke dip.
5. Basics like milk, eggs, butter.
6. Household staples like paper towels and dishwasher liquid.
7. Muffins, bread, bagels.
8. Coca-Cola.
9. Dog food.
10. Produce and frozen berries.
11. Fish.
12. Cliff bars.
13. Rice.
14. Marinara sauce.
15. Chicken nuggets.
16. Pine nuts.
17. Mac and cheese.
18. Black beans.
19. Flour.
20. Orange chicken.

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