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Rami Malek And Lucy Boynton Only Have Eyes For Each Other At Hockey Game

With the release of the critically-acclaimed film Bohemian Rhapsody came Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton: The two lead actors whose relationship blossomed alongside their award-winning movie roles.

The couple turned heads during the 2019 awards season with their combined effortlessly cool style complimenting their sweet moments of interaction, most memorably when Malek was awarded the Oscar for best actor and instinctively grabbed and kissed his girlfriend with joy.

The speech then cemented his public devotion to Boynton, as he utilised his winning moment to pay homage to Boynton, saying: 'You're the heart of this film, you are beyond immensely talented, you have captured my heart.'

Individually, Boynton and Malek have capitalised on the success of Bohemian Rhapsody too, with exciting projects including a Bond villain role for Malek and Boynton's part in the hugely anticipated Netflix series from Ryan Murphy, The Politician.

As a couple, they continue to go from strength to strength too, with a string of high-profile appearances this 2020 awards season as well as more low-key dates at basketball and hockey games.

We take a look back at their most head-turning looks, starting with the most recent...

Rami Malek And Lucy Boynton Only Have Eyes For Each Other At Hockey Game

The Bohemian Rhapsody stars took their relationship from on-screen to IRL