20 Trendy Fall Makeup Looks 2021 to Conquer the Season

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The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menus, which means it’s official: Fall season has arrived — and with it, our long-awaited fall makeup looks. The cozy, warm, and occasionally spooky moments to come this season are exciting on their own – but the fashion moments that will inevitably be served over the next few months (including some new fall makeup trends for 2021) make this season. 

If you've already have a curated fall capsule wardrobe, experimenting with fall makeup ideas can be the way to spice up your appearance each year. From classic smokey eyes to vibrant colors (because those aren't only for summer) and even XX looks, the sky is the limit this season. The colder months are great to experiment with lip colors (even if you are wearing a face mask) and eyeshadow galore without sweating off the precious makeup that took hours to apply. Our faces are our canvases and we are ready to paint.  But if you're lacking inspiration, below are 20 fall eyeshadow and makeup looks to recreate this autumn.

1. Pretty in Pink

As you mentally switch from summer to autumn, it may be hard to let go of your favorite bright colors – but you don't really have to. This fall eye makeup from Allan Avendano is the perfect transition look. Combine that pop of pink with some darker shades as you get closer to the lash line, finishing it with black liner and bold lashes.

2. Pumpkin Pie

We can always rely on Barbie Ferreira to deliver some major makeup inspiration. This is one of the most simple yet effective fall makeup looks. To achieve it simply buff out one perfect shade of orange to create a faded effect as you get closer to the brows. Then, finish up with some black liner and a glossy lip — or, if you’re feeling extra bold, a light or deep nude — and you’re ready to go. For extra glamour: Throw on some faux freckles and gold highlights, and perhaps even put a touch of gold shimmer in your inner corners!

3. Soft Wing

Take a page from Zendaya's book: There’s a whole lot of fun you can have with a wing. A hybrid between a full-on winged liner and eyeshadow, the soft yet striking look will be perfect to let you eye makeup do all the talk. 

4. Lash-Tastic

Among all fall eyeshadow looks, this one from makeup artist Nikki Makeup is a go-to. It’s an elevated smokey eye, merging the fan-favorite classic autumn eyeshadow with a cut crease. Once cut, place a lighter shimmer shade in the crease and transition it into the smokey eye using a few additional shades. Then, it’s all about the lashes: The bigger, the better, baby!

5. Wing for days

If you’re loving that elevated smokey eye but want even more, listen to Patrick Starrr and exaggerate it! Pull those shades further out to create a more snatched look through the wing. (Alternative, you can also go for the TikTok-approved reverse cat eye.)

6. Simple Brown Sugar

On the go? This simple fall eye is quick, easy, and reliable. Use two to three shades to create this faded brown look, then finishing off with some liner and lashes or volumizing mascara. For lips, be a bit bolder: Go with deeper liner and pink lip, finishing off with gloss. The result? A natural fall makeup look that's also as glamorous as can be!

7. That Lightning Bolt

One word for this: Iconic. Grab your favorite liquid eyeliner and go slow. If you want a pop of color, try the graphic liner look using an electric blue, neon green, or even red liquid liner. Colors are seasonless and the sky is already turning gray!

8. Shine Bright

If you do want to be more traditional, this fall look is perfect for all skin tones. Pair a classic cut crease smokey eye with a powerful plum lip. It’s all about the glamour!

9. Bold and Spooky

As Halloween rolls around, don’t be afraid to experiment with black. If you’re really willing to take the dive, this exaggerated black eyeshadow look will tell a story all on its own. Pair it with a bright red lip and you’ll terrify everyone with your beauty.

10. Pink and Peachy

Sick of all the darks and neutrals? We got you! Peach and pinks can still be used throughout the fall. Simply pair them with a darker lip — like this brown glossy one — and you’ve got an easy way to be bright and autumn-esque at the same time. (Think of the sweaters you could pair this look with.)

11. High and Mighty

If you’re all about structure and lines, Ariel Diaz has the perfect look for you. Carefully create this shaped look using deep pinks, burgundies, and peaches, then filling in the empty space with your favorite matching glitter. And for the lip: Glossy lip for daytime, deep red for the night.

12. Buff that Burgundy

Speaking of burgundy, Selena Gomez has us covered with another simple look. Using only one to two shades, this easy eye look is elevated with a bold — and we mean bold — swipe of eyeliner. Make sure to pull some of that color into your cheeks as well to finish it all off.

13. Playful with Gold and Pink

Allan Avendano’s look for Gigi Hadid is flawless. The eyes are created with three shimmer shades: White, gold, and peachy pink. Then, for the lips, go with a matte pink nude. Perfect for any celebration!

14. Busy Bee

Yellow is an underrated fall color, and that’s a hill I’ll die on. This look does more than just bring in a bright color, it does so in an innovative and intriguing way.

15. Shimmer, Shimmer, and More Shimmer

Beauty by Mikayla Jane has been obsessed with shimmers and glitters this season, and TBH, same. This look proves exactly why.

16. A Yellow Smokey Eye

Want more yellow? This look is created just like a natural smokey eye, just incorporating a few yellow shades in place of browns. And of course, don’t forget the false lashes!

17. Don’t Forget the Under Eye

Under-eye makeup is severely underrated — no pun intended. Consider following this look – going more simple yet powerful on the lip, and super bold below – this season. To round it all off, match your under-eye makeup with your lip color for an extra wow factor.

18. Don’t Forget the Cheeks

If you’re playing with a bit of burgundy and pink in the eyes, pull that color into the cheekbones. Drag it out a bit extra, pulling it up through the eyes to create a natural snatch. Then, for the lips, this dark glossy lip is to die for.

19. Silver Linings

Take note of Gossip Girl’s Amy Tagliamonti look and play around with some silver this season. After creating a simple brown eye, swipe a line of silver shimmer along the waterline and above the crease to create extra dimension.

20. Heavenly Brows

Need some more inspo to play with gold? How about taking it all the way up to the brows. One word: Heaven.

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