2018 NFL draft: Punters drafted back-to-back in Round 5

As NFL Network’s Rich Eisen likes to remind us, punters are people too.

And Saturday, there was a little bit of punter history made.

For just the second time ever, there were punters taken in back-to-back picks: at No. 172, the Green Bay Packers selected J.K. Scott from Alabama, and at No. 173, the Oakland Raiders selected Johnny Townsend from Florida, moving up to do so.

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The first time we saw punters taken with consecutive picks was 36 years ago. In 1982, the Kansas City Chiefs chose Case DeBruijn at No. 214, and the Chargers followed with Maury Buford at No. 215.

As of this writing, there have been three punters drafted this year; Michael Dickson of Texas was taken earlier in the fifth round by Seattle at No. 149.

The Packers drafted punter JK Scott from Alabama with the 172nd pick in the 2018 NFL draft. (AP)