2020 polls: Trump narrows Biden lead in Pennsylvania as 40% think country headed for civil war

Joe Sommerlad,Gino Spocchia and Justin Vallejo
·1 min read
US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden  (AP)
US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden (AP)

Donald Trump has narrowed Joe Biden's lead in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania, increasing from 44.7 points on 25 October to 45.1 points the next day, as the Democratic contender slipped 0.1 points over the same period.

Mr Trump has been campaigning heavily in the state, holding as many as three rallies in one day.

Regardless of the election outcome, the major portion of the country - 40 per cent - thinks the US is headed for civil war.

Biden remains ahead of Trump in the latest national opinion polling with seven days to go until Election Day, leading by as much as 12 points according to the latest Yahoo! News/YouGov survey.

Mr Biden, whose advantage is four times larger than Hillary Clinton’s was at this stage in 2016, campaigned in Georgia on Tuesday, as his campaign focuses on so-called “expansion states” that include Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin.

Biden campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said “We are keeping as many paths to 270 [Electoral College votes] open as we possibly can," with opinion polls suggesting a number of competitive races.

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