The 2025 Honda Civic Brings New Style, Hybrid Option

2025 honda civic hybrid launch photo
2025 Honda Civic Brings New Style, Hybrid OptionHonda

Honda is giving the Civic a bit of attention for the 2025 model year, revising the compact’s styling and powertrain options. Honda announced on Thursday that for the first time since 2015, a Civic Hybrid model is destined for U.S. shores, in both hatchback and sedan configurations.

While we haven’t had a Civic hybrid in the United States since the ninth-generation Civic left production back in 2015, Honda’s other hybrid models have been a huge part of the brand’s recent success. The CR-V Hybrid was the best-selling hybrid in the U.S. last year, according to the automaker, with some 361,457 units sold. Honda believes the upcoming Civic Hybrid will strike a similar chord with buyers, with a retail mix targeting 40 percent.

Honda hasn’t shared any information about the powertrain that will find its way into the Civic, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some strong clues. The automaker already sells a hybridized variant of the Civic in European and Asian markets known as the Civic e:HEV. That vehicle combines a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-pot with a pair of electric motors and a 1-kWh battery pack. This is the same setup employed by the Accord Hybrid, where it provides a sufficient 204 hp. That said, it is also possible that Honda goes a different route, combining the turbocharged 1.5-liter engine with a hybrid system. This is what the automaker did with its last Civic-based hybrid in the Insight, which was canceled after 2022. Expect the hybrid setup to be tied to specific trim levels, as is currently the case with the CR-V.

2025 honda civic hybrid launch photo rear

Regardless of the powertrain configuration, the 2025 Honda Civic will sport a new face. The front-end lines have been revised, with a more hexagonal grille pattern and a more aggressive fascia. There looks to be some clear inspiration from the Civic Type R, which is something we can get behind. The Sport Touring model shown here is also equipped with a unique set of wheels, though other tweaks seem to be relatively minimal.

It’s a successful refresh from what we can tell so far, though we’d love to have a better look at the car’s rear end. We shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for a full slate of details on the new compact, as 2025 MY production will likely get started soon. The U.S.-bound Civic Hybrid will be built at the brand’s Canada and Indiana-based production facilities.

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