This May Sound Overdramatic, But You Really Need To See These 21 "Food Miracles" To Believe Them

I was blessed yesterday when I noticed I got seven nuggets instead of six in my drive-thru order. But TBH, that looks like NOTHING compared to these mega-wins on the r/foodlottery subreddit:

1."Behold, my 9-square Cheez-THEM!"

a giant Cheez-it

2."Got two Fruit Roll-Ups in one package."

Two Fruit Roll-ups

3."Sour Patch adult."

A giant Sour Patch kid

4."Got lucky and scored this big ass chip. If only it was a casino chip for $500 instead!"

a hand holding a giant chip

5."Full meal kiwi."

a giant kiwi

6."This mint came with a baby mint. 🥹"

a baby mint and a big mint

7."Five peanuts in a single shell."

multiple peanuts in one shell

8."So much flavor!"

closeup of a Dorito

9."Massive blackberries."

giant blackberries

10."I got three Pop-Tarts in my package!"

Three Pop-Tarts in one

11."My avocado this morning was a treat!"

An avocado with a small seed in the middle

12."Got this long Cheeto."

a long, swirly Cheeto

13."I got two double yolk eggs in one go."

Eggs in a skillet

14."Opened my ramen, and two packs of seasoning came out."

Two packs of seasoning on ramen

15."Biggest fry I've seen in my life."

a hand holding a giant fry

16."My box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch has a giant brick of cinnamon and sugar in it."

a piece of cinnamon and sugar

17."There wasn't a single pip in this papaya when we cut it open."

a pip-less papaya

18."I took a bite out of a Kinder Egg, and it had another layer inside."

a kinder egg

19."The watermelon is looking pretty good."

closeup of watermelon

20."I got an extra Girl Guide cookie."

Girl Guide cookies

And finally...

21."A miracle has occurred."

Two ice cream drumsticks in one