The 25 best GIFs from the first half of the 2017 college football season

Can you believe the season is halfway over?

2017 has already provided us with a ton of fun and memorable moments and here are 25 of our favorite GIFs from the first seven weeks of the season. This list was hard to cull to 25. If the next seven weeks are anything like the first, we could do a post with 100 GIFs at the end of the season.

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25. Utah State after beating BYU

This Utah State student was well aware of BYU’s decision to make caffeinated beverages available on campus and was in the perfect position as Utah State celebrated its win with the Wagon Wheel trophy.

24. NC State fan

North Carolina State lost this game, but this fan was very emphatic about a play late in the first half. The Wolfpack have won every game since.

23. Saquon Barkley’s hurdle

Penn State RB Saquon Barkley had an insane performance against Iowa. This was the most spectacular play he made in the game.

22. Texas A&M scepter dance

The Aggies jumped out to a huge lead over UCLA and celebrated accordingly. Things fell off a cliff from there. 

21. Nick Saban on a go-kart

The fact that Alabama posted this clip two days after his “rat poison” quote made it that much better.

20. Terry Godwin’s catch

Georgia WR Terry Godwin’s catch against Notre Dame is one you can actually compare to Odell Beckham’s famous catch against the Cowboys.

19. Rutgers hot tub bros

Rutgers put hot tubs in its stadium for the season opener against Washington, and the Scarlet Knights had the lead early in the second quarter, so there was actually reason for RU fans to cheer!

18. Tennessee kicker gets rowdy

A South Carolina defender got in Tennessee kicker Brent Cimaglia’s face after he made a field goal, so he got a little feisty and had to be held back by his holder. Kickers are football players, too !

17. Chazz Surratt’s pick-six

North Carolina QB Chazz Surratt tried to do wayyyyy too much on this play against Duke. He threw the ball like a soccer throw-in and Duke returned it for a touchdown.

16. UCLA game-winning catch vs. Texas A&M

UCLA’s comeback win over Texas A&M was sealed when Josh Rosen hit Jordan Lasley after faking a spike. But did Lasley actually have control of the ball when he was inbounds?

15. Louisville squirrel

He scored a touchdown!

14. Stanford Jackrabbit

Play was interrupted during the Stanford-Oregon game because of this fluffy fella. He has 4.4 speed.

13. Kicker returns his own blocked FG for TD

Wabash College kicker Schuyler Nehrig lined up for a 41-yard field goal looking to cut OWU’s lead to 13-9. Instead, he tied the score with a touchdown after his kick was blocked.

12. Javon Hagan, towel stealer

Ohio DB Javon Hagan just straight up stole the towel of Kansas receiver Quan Hampton. He’s done it before.

11. Ross Bowers flips into the end zone

Not a bad way to score your first career rushing touchdown.

10. Baker Mayfield flag plant

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield did this after the win over Ohio State and people got very mad about it.

9. BYU dancing mascot

BYU is having a really, really bad season, but its mascot is very, very good at dancing.

8. Tennessee trash can

A Tennessee staff member held up a trash can to encourage turnovers against Georgia Tech. It was definitely the reason for the Vols’ come-from-behind win.

7. Tennessee buttfumble

He snapped the ball into his own butt!

6. Texas Lutheran blocked field goal

Another D-III kicker! This one, Texas Lutheran’s Tyler Hopkins, had a field goal try blocked. Instead of scooping the ball up, Hopkins kicked it off a bounce through the uprights for a field goal.

He explained what happened to Yahoo Sports:
“Once it got blocked, right when they blocked it, it hit my chest so I guess that made me look at the ball,” Hopkins told Yahoo Sports. “And once I saw the ball bouncing, it’s a live ball and I didn’t want them to return it or cause a change of momentum so I kicked it.

“I saw that it went in and I looked at my holder and I was like ‘does that count?’” And everyone was just confused and we just waited on the refs’ decision.”

5. Louisiana Tech’s 87-yard loss

An errant snap sailed past Louisiana Tech QB J’Mar Smith. The ball just bounced further and further down the field as players tried to recover it until Tech wideout Cee Jay Powell fell on the loose ball 87 yards down the field. The play started at MSU’s 6, and ended at the Louisiana Tech 7. Yes, the Bulldogs had third and goal from their own 7-yard line. That’s an 87-yard loss.

4. Wyoming’s punter

Wyoming punter Tim Zaleski had a rough debut. On a play late in the second quarter, he received a snap cleanly but bobbled it as he went to launch the kick. The result was Zaleski just missing the ball altogether.

3. WMU player’s sister

Western Michigan beat Buffalo in 7OT a few weeks ago. In the first overtime, Western Michigan tight end Donnie Ernsberger caught a touchdown pass and his sister ran out on the field to celebrate with him. But the game was not over and she was escorted off the field and out of the stadium.

2. Iowa fans waving

Iowa has a new tradition that has quickly become one of the best in college football. At the end of the first quarter, Hawkeye fans wave in unison toward the children at a local children’s hospital. Opposing teams have joined in, but it never looked better than the night game against Penn State.

1. Kendrick Norton plays a QB’s leg like a guitar

After Florida State quarterback James Blackman was sacked, Miami defensive end Kendrick Norton decided to play a little music with Blackman’s leg. So funny.

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