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12) Swigging a protein shake after your workout.

"The popular mantra 'don't waste a workout' refers to missing the window of protein consumption after your sweat session," says St.John. "While it's true that protein after a workout may contribute to muscle growth and reduce soreness, your next meal can often fit the bill. If you work out after work or at night, then have a protein shake then dinner as well, you may be overeating. Also, some lower-intensity workouts may not warrant an increase in protein." Unless you're a really serious bodybuilder, you're probably doing your waistline more harm than good. Skip the shake, and for some solid post-workout grub, try these foods that keep you full instead.

26 "Healthy" Habits That Are Actually Really Bad For You

Tea before bed? Catching up on sleep on weekends? If you want to lose weight and boost your energy, these activities might seem like good ideas, but they can actually be sabotaging your healthy living goals. We asked nutritionists and fitness experts to reveal the so-called healthy habits that you should ditch ASAP.

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