28,000+ Shoppers Love This $14 Tinted Moisturizer That Gives Skin a “Subtle Glow”

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It provides even, natural coverage.

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Amazon / InStyle

Now that spring is finally here, I plan to spend a lot of time basking in the rays — but one thing that’s definitely not on my agenda is a sunburn. While there’s nothing I love more than a day outside, the beauty writer in me will always prioritize protecting my skin from the harsh effects of the sun. SPF is a year-round mainstay in my daily regimen, but you’ll never catch me with a thick, pore-clogging concoction of foundation and sunscreen on my face. Instead, I opt for sheer, tinted moisturizers with SPF to avoid white casts and breakouts — and the best-selling CeraVe tinted mineral sunscreen is the latest addition to my cart. Plus, it’s on sale for just $14 at Amazon.

The SPF-30-infused skin tint is made with 100 percent mineral titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which work together to create a barrier on the skin’s surface that reflects UV rays. The lightweight, non-greasy formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive complexions. Not only does the best-seller protect the face, but it hydrates, too, since it’s made with moisturizing niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get better, the customer-loved formula has a sheer tint, which seamlessly blends into a wide range of skin tones, according to the brand, for even coverage. Liberally apply the product to your face 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, reapply every two hours, and catch rays without worrying about sunburns or melting makeup.



Shop now: $14 (Originally $16); amazon.com

With over 28,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, the tinted sunscreen is clearly a shopper favorite. One reviewer said they apply the CeraVe product “every day without fail” and “rarely wear foundation or concealer,” thanks to its perfect, “light coverage.” A different customer said the tint gives their skin “a subtle glow, masks imperfections like a BB cream, and eliminates the awful white cast” of many alternative SPF products.

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When it comes to sun protection, the best-selling SPF moisturizer doesn’t disappoint. One person said they’re “very fair and burn easily,” but they wore the mineral sunscreen on “a cruise to the Bahamas” and “didn’t get burned.” That same reviewer even said they’ll “never have another summer without [the CeraVe product].” A different shopper said “the SPF 30 does the job without having to constantly reapply,” plus it’s never “remotely caused any clogged pores or pimples,” even after wearing it all day.

Take the extra step to protect your skin and simplify your makeup routine with the CeraVe mineral sunscreen. Just be sure to grab the best-selling, tinted formula while it’s on sale for $14 at Amazon.

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