28 Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas So Fun, You'll Make a New Tradition

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When it comes to Easter traditions, the annual Easter egg hunt is one of the most treasured. It's a fun event for kids of all ages—from toddlers to teens. The little ones get to run around hunting for goodies, and the big kids get to sneak pieces of candy away from the little ones' Easter baskets when they're not looking. (And you get to snap photos of all of them wearing those sweet pastel Easter colors while the hunt is going down.) The same old Easter egg hunt ideas can get a bit stale, though, especially as the kids get older. Rather than stick to tradition, why not try something new?

Depending on the weather where you live, there are quite a few fun new ways to work this annual event. If you're lucky enough to have a pool and sunshine, for example, you could use it as the hunting grounds this Easter. You're bound to get some hilarious photos of the kids all jumping in and swimming around to gather the eggs. There are also plenty of ideas on this list that require a bit more thinking than just running around the yard, looking for hiding places. And if it's simply too cold or rainy outside to host the hunt in the backyard, we have indoor Easter egg hunt ideas too.

Read on to check out our entire list of fun Easter egg hunt ideas, then get ready to plan your own for an Easter filled with fun.

Try a Nighttime Hunt

To up the ante for older kids who find all the eggs too quickly, try wrapping your eggs (or filling them, if they open) with glow sticks and rescheduling your hunt for after sundown. They'll have a ball running around in the dark and wearing the glow sticks afterward.

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Have Them Do Tricks for Their Treats

Rather than chocolate, fill faux egg shells with fun activities your kids must complete before they can get their treat. This option is great for kids who are a little older and who finish the Easter egg hunt faster than they used to. The ideas inside can be silly, like the one pictured here, or you can make them a bit more difficult to get your kids to think.

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Play Party Plan

Give Out Unique Prizes

Sure, candy is great, but opening an Easter egg to find a coupon of sorts that your kid can redeem for a day of skating or an ice cream outing is much more memorable.

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Make It a Relay Race

A little competition never hurt anybody, right? Rather than let the little ones loose once the eggs are in the yard, split them into teams and have them complete the Easter egg hunt via relay race. This is especially helpful if there are a lot of children participating.

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Take the Hunt to the Pool

If you're lucky enough to live in a climate that's warm enough for spring swimming, then take the Easter egg hunt to the pool. Throw your Easter eggs into the water and have the hunters jump in and fetch them. You can do them all at once or one at a time—whatever you so choose—but it'll be a fun, fresh twist on the tradition.

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Create a Tablescape

Sometimes the little ones are old enough to want what's inside the Easter eggs but too young to actually hunt for them in the yard. If that's the case, try an indoor Easter egg hunt with a colorful tablescape featuring mini prizes. They'll still get some goodies, and you'll still get some cute photos.

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Design Improvised

Camouflage Eggs With Twine

There's no denying that an Easter egg hunt is much easier when the eggs are bright and colorful, so make it more of a challenge by camouflaging them with twine.

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Domestically Blissful

Hand Out Easter Hunt Trophies

Bring another incentive into the mix besides candy: trophies. You could even make them for everyone involved so that no one feels left out.

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Lovely Indeed

Have a Backup Plan

Keep the party inside! Hide eggs everywhere from the fridge to under kids' pillows, and leave clues for them to puzzle out. That way, the hunt can last long after the sun goes down.

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Play Party Plan

Go Easter Egg Bowling

After the hunt, play a game of Easter egg bowling. Whoever's colored egg makes it the closest to the white egg wins! Just make sure there's a prize for the winner.

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Kid Friendly Things to Do

Hand Out Gift Bags

Instead of a basket, have everyone create their own personalized Easter bag using craft supplies like tissue paper, scrapbook paper, and finger paint.

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A New Mum

Help the Kids With Clues

As your kids get older, make Easter morning more exciting by challenging them to a scavenger hunt to find their basket.

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kc edventures

Don't Forget the Babies

The littlest guests may not be able to partake in the Easter egg hunt, but they can still play with an egg or two! Put an adorable spin on your eggs by drawing a bunny face on them in pink permanent marker.

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Smart Schoolhouse

Go Eco-Friendly

Make your Easter egg hunt more sustainable this year (and every year) by filling hollow wooden eggs instead of plastic ones. They're easy to paint any Easter colors you like.

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Lia Griffith

Plant Egg "Flowers"

Best for wee egg hunters, these egg flowers are "plantable." Stick pipe cleaner stems, topped with a goodie-filled egg, into your garden and encourage little ones to uproot them.

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Make and Takes

Let Them Use Their Phone

The teens (and, honestly, the grown-ups) will definitely be excited about this high-tech twist on the classic egg hunt.

easter egg hunt ideas
Bits of Everything

Create an Egg Hunt Checklist

There can be so much more to the search than simply collecting eggs. Ask participants to locate flowers, backyard creatures, and eggs in a specific variety of colors.

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A Mom's Take

Leave an Easter Bunny Trail

Leave Easter eggs out in plain sight for younger kids and lay them out in a trail so they lead to their Easter baskets.

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Smart School House

Put a Special Prize Inside

You don't have to put candy in the eggs. Opt for special notes instead, offering children special time with mom or dad, an extra 15 minutes before bedtime, or the last slice of pie.

easter egg hunt ideas
Over the Big Moon

Reuse Egg Crates

Before the hunt, place egg crates on the kids' table and encourage participants to bring them to the starting line. The first person to fill every egg slot wins something extra special. The last hot-cross bun, perhaps….

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Catch My Party

Opt for an Illusion

Perfect for the littlest egg hunters, pastel balloon markers make finding Easter eggs (and yummy treats) a breeze.

easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers
Celebrations at Home

Don't Forget the Golden Egg

Even if you're dedicated to a more traditional hunt, it's fun to throw a special egg into the mix. Whoever finds the golden egg wins serious bragging rights—and an extra-special treat!

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Jenn's Blah Blah Blog

Play a Game

If you favor the untraditional, consider hanging egg poppers from a tree. Give each child a specific color and tell them to pull, twist, and pop to their hearts' content. Another bonus: These colorful eggs look like candy!

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Studio DIY

Point the Way

Give little clues in the form of these adorable (and free!) printables. Simply mount them on a wooden skewer and stick them into the ground to send kids in the right direction.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

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Lia Griffith

Crack the Egg Hunt

Feeling really ambitious this year? This one will take some time and planning, but it will have the kids in true detective mode. Roll up clues inside hollowed-out eggs (we're talking about the real kind!). Hide the eggs and tell kids to crack them when they find them to get their next clue, which will lead them to the next egg. How fun is that?

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Tangled and True

Design a Festive Photo Booth

Set up a quick, easy photo booth to capture family moments during the Easter egg hunt. Place a bench in front of a pretty tree, hang paper flowers from the branches, and set out props like these elegant picture frames. Now strike a pose!

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Style Me Pretty

Invite Your Friends

If you're feeling fancy this year, consider printing a formal Easter egg hunt invitation. Throw a garden party and encourage everyone (little ones included!) to dress in their Sunday best. It'll make the egg hunt feel much more special.

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Style Me Pretty

Turn It Into a Raffle

Easter egg hunts are classic, but why not throw a raffle into the mix as well? Anyone who wants to take part in the raffle will have the chance to win toys, stickers, more candy, and anything else you'd like to add.

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