3 finalists remain after first night of 'Dancing With the Stars' finale

Everyone was "Puttin' on the Ritz" for night one of the Dancing With the Stars finale. Four couples competed for the final three spots heading into the second half of the finale.

Drew Scott did his best to stick around by throwing his partner, Emma Slater, all around. The two performed a paso doble and a freestyle dance. Both were well received by the judges, but ultimately the couple was eliminated.

Frankie Muniz avoided elimination, but he was also at the bottom of the leader board. He has been a longshot all season and there are definitely many of people out there rooting for the underdog.

The two couples that have consistently performed well are Jordan Fisher paired with Lindsay Arnold and Lindsey Sterling paired with Mark Ballas.

Most weeks both couples have been near flawless and have received scores that reflect that. Though, Fisher and Arnold seem to have a slight edge over the other couple both in total season points and judicial praise.

But on this evening Sterling put a magnificent performance during her freestyle dance. She used the ace up her sleeve and played the violin while also dancing wonderfully. Despite being twirled around, violinist stayed true to her instrument and wowed the judges and the audience.

Will Stirling's performance be enough to overtake a near perfect Jordan Fisher and an endearing Frankie Muniz? We'll find out Tuesday night.