These 31 Chicken Sandwiches Are Worth Obsessing Over

copycat popeyes chicken sandwich
31 Chicken Sandwiches Worth Obsessing OverAndrew bui

When we say chicken sandwich, you’re probably imagining crispy, fried chicken sandwiched between two buns, à la your favorite fast food restaurant. No shade to frying, but we’re not always down for the mess (or the extra oil!). We’re here to tell you there are so many more options for a chicken sandwich, from tucked in a pita like our chicken shawarma to slathered in mayo on crusty bread like our chicken salad sandwich. Check out our list of 40 chicken sandwiches for more ideas—you might just find a new one to obsess over.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the classics:
A fried chicken sandwich is a classic for a reason, and we’ve got two solid copycat recipes that’ll satisfy any craving for crispy, crunchy chicken—our copycat Popeye’s chicken sandwich and our copycat Chick Fil-A chicken sandwich. As much as we’d like to, though, we can’t be eating fried chicken at every meal. Instead, swap in other chicken cooking techniques for a still rave-worthy chicken sandwich. Try our grilled chicken sandwich, our chicken burger, or our brown sugar BBQ chicken sandwich to see what we mean—you might just like them better than fried.

Want to feed a crowd? You gotta go miniature:
Sliders aren’t just for burgers anymore! Chicken sandwiches are perfect on miniature buns too. Chicken has a bad rap for being boring, but when you infuse it with a TON of flavor and turn it into a bite-size appetizer, that’s an idea of the past. Check out our chicken enchilada sliders, our chicken Parm sliders, or our mini BBQ chicken sliders for flavor inspiration. Pass them around at your next party, or, no judgment, eat a bunch for dinner yourself—you might never go back to beef again.

Think outside the bun:
Sure, a chicken sandwich does imply the existence of some kind of bread to, well, sandwich around the meat, but we’d like to suggest expanding your mind beyond just rolls or buns. After all, a chicken sandwich will be just as delicious wrapped in a pita, like in our lemon chicken wraps; a tortilla, like in our buffalo chicken crunchwraps; or tucked in a fluffy biscuit, like our chicken 'n biscuit sliders.

You could even take the classic breakfast combo of chicken and waffles and turn it into a sandwich for any time of day, like in our chicken & waffle breakfast sandwich, Disney’s sweet & spicy chicken and waffle, or our chicken & waffle sliders (nuggets never looked so cute).

Want more sandwich inspo? Check out our favorite easy lunch sandwiches, dinner sandwiches, and even lettuce wraps (if you’re more about the filling than the bread).

Chicken & Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

When thinking through how we could perfectly transform chicken and waffles into a perfect sandwich, we knew that just sticking a piece of chicken between two waffles might be a little dry. So we added two perfect ingredients for "sauce": runny egg yolk and hot habanero honey. 😋

Get the Chicken & Waffle Breakfast Sandwich recipe.

chicken and waffles breakfast sandwich
Erik bernstein

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

A grilled chicken sandwich doesn't need to be boring. The honey mustard sauce here is killer and really makes the sandwich. Grilling the red onions and buns is totally optional, but will take the chicken sandwich to the next level. Serve it with some homemade french fries and you have a restaurant worthy meal right at home.

Get the Grilled Chicken Sandwich recipe.

grilled chicken sandwich
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Copycat Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich is a seemingly simple Southern-fried chicken breast on a warm brioche bun, with spicy mayo and pickles. But even the most tried-and-true Southern methods for frying chicken can’t produce a crust that snaps and shatters the same way as the cult favorite—check out our non-traditional tricks that made our version of Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich edge out above the rest.

Get the Copycat Popeyes Chicken Sandwich recipe.

copycat popeyes fried chicken sandwich

Chicken Burger

To spice things up a bit, these chicken patties are seasoned with smoked paprika and loaded with crunchy, bright coleslaw to really give beef burgers a run for their money. We then top 'em with creamy avocado slices, spicy fresh red onion, and cheddar and jalapeño before sandwiching all of it between buttery brioche buns for the ultimate bite.

Get the Chicken Burgers recipe.

chicken burger
Parker feierbach

Chicken Salad Sandwich

There's definitely more than one way to make a chicken salad sandwich, but this is our favorite— green apple, red onion, and celery add crunch, while mustard, mayo, and red wine vinegar add creaminess with the perfect amount of tang.

Get the Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe.

chicken salad sandwich vertical
Ethan Calabrese

Brown Sugar BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Pulled chicken is made so easy in the slow-cooker and this version includes brown sugar, a little Italian dressing, and bourbon for a bit of smokiness. You can definitely leave it out, but we think it's the best part. 😉 Dress these up with homemade coleslaw for the greatest dinner with zero effort.

Get the Brown Sugar BBQ Chicken Sandwich recipe.

brown sugar bbq chicken sandwich
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Chicken Parm Burgers

Craving chicken Parmesan, but enjoying all your weeknight dinners on the grill this summer? These chicken Parm burgers to the rescue—they've got everything you love about the Italian classic, but handheld!

Get the Chicken Parm Burgers recipe.

chicken parm burgers
Erik bernstein

Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma refers to the Middle Eastern method of cooking where thin slices of meat are stacked on a vertical rotating spit in front of a fire or other heat source. The outside meat is slowly cooked and then shaved off to serve. Our version varies a little by being baked in the oven, but still mimics the traditional tender, juicy, and well-spiced meat.

Get the Chicken Shawarma recipe.

chicken shawarma
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Copycat Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich

This is a recipe that might be even better than the original. Bonus? You can make it on Sundays, when Chick-Fil-A is closed. Win!

Get the Copycat Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich recipe.


Chicken & Waffles Sliders

Love chicken and waffles, but don't care for the juggling act that is preparing both items to come out at exactly the same time? These adorable sliders are for you.

Get the Chicken & Waffles Sliders recipe.

chicken and waffles sliders
Ethan Calabrese

Spicy Chipotle Chicken Burgers

Chicken burgers are generally easy to throw together making them the perfect any-night dinner. These are extra special thanks to chipotle peppers that give them a little extra kick and lots of flavor. Some of the adobo sauce from the canned chipotles is used to make a sauce for the burgers so that the smokiness really shines through. Yum!

Get the Spicy Chipotle Chicken Burgers recipe.

spicy chicken burger
Andrew bui

Chicken Pesto Panini

This is our absolute fave panini combo (pesto on everything, please!), but feel free to change it up for whatever sauce you've got kicking around.

Get the Chicken Pesto Panini recipe.

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Parker Feierbach

Chicken 'n Biscuit Sliders

These cuties come together SO fast, thanks to store-bought, refrigerated biscuit dough. The honey butter is the best part, so don't skip it—you could even turn it into hot honey butter if you like!

Get the Chicken 'N Biscuit Sliders recipe.

chicken n biscuit sliders
Parker Feierbach

Chicken Cheesesteak

Don't get us wrong, we love the steak in a classic philly cheesesteak. But we heart chicken even more. So we created a semi-lighter version by sautéing thinly sliced chicken breast alongside onions and peppers. Don't worry, the whole thing still gets covered with cheese—provolone, not Cheez Whiz!

Get the Chicken Cheesesteak recipe.

chicken cheesesteaks vertical
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Sweet & Spicy Chicken and Waffle

Waffles might be the most underrated snack food known to man. Thankfully, Disney knows these delights should not be relegated to breakfast or dessert: Found at the Magic Kingdom's Sleepy Hollow, this dish is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. This hearty combination of Sriracha-glazed fried chicken and crunchy slaw will tempt even the hungriest Horseman.

Get the Sweet & Spicy Chicken and Waffle recipe.

sweet and spicy chicken and waffle
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Shredded Chicken Parm Sliders

We combined two of our absolute favorite foods into one delicious crowd-pleaser. Served on soft, toasted mini potato rolls, these party-sized chicken parm sandwiches are quick, easy, and perfect for a half-dozen friends or one hungry fan.

Get the Shredded Chicken Parm Sliders recipe.

shredded chicken parm sliders
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Buffalo Chicken Crunchwrap

We love crunchwrap supremes and we love buffalo chicken wings so naturally we combined them! This is one of our favorite takes on buffalo chicken and we've got a strong feeling you're going to love it too.

Get the Buffalo Chicken Crunchwrap recipe.

buffalo chicken crunchwraps
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Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Sliders

These sliders are the ultimate crowd pleaser. Served on soft, toasted potato rolls, the juicy pulled chicken is tossed in hot sauce and topped with fresh crunchy ranch coleslaw and creamy chunks of blue cheese. What more could you want?

Get the Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Sliders recipe.

instant pot buffalo chicken sliders
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Fajita Chicken Sandwiches

Love fajitas tucked between tortillas? Trust us, chicken fajitas are just as good with melty Monterey Jack on crusty bread.

Get the Fajita Chicken Sandwiches recipe.

fajita chicken sandwiches
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Chicken Enchilada Sliders

Chicken. Cheese. Cholula! These are a game day spread's dream come true. You're sure to be a winner if you serve these mini sliders at your next sports party.

Get the Chicken Enchilada Sliders recipe.

enchilada sliders
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Maple Bourbon Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

When the first thing you eat is a no-fuss sandwich stacked with fried chicken, bacon, fresh cornbread waffles, and bourbon-laced maple syrup...well, you know it's gonna be a good day.

Get the Maple Bourbon Chicken & Waffle Sandwich recipe.

maple bourbon chicken and waffle sandwich
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Mini BBQ Chicken Sliders

Sliders are a barbecue or game-day MUST. This BBQ chicken version is made with homemade coleslaw on top and served on super soft, super fluffy rolls, making it particularly impossible to resist.

Get the Mini BBQ Chicken Sliders recipe.

mini bbq chicken sliders
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Hawaiian Chicken Sliders

Mixing BBQ sauce with extra ingredients like pineapple, Worcestershire sauce, and chili powder might seem excessive for these little sliders, but trust us, the flavor is SO worth it. Combine that with a partly DIY cilantro-lime mayo, soft, fluffy buns, and Monterey Jack cheese for the most mouth-watering-ly good sliders ever.

Get the Hawaiian Chicken Sliders recipe.

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Caprese Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Your grilled cheese is getting an Italian makeover inspired by our favorite caprese salad—if you really want to take this over the top, try adding in some fresh mozzarella too (but don't skip the shreds, you need their melting power for holding this baby together).

Get the Caprese Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe.

Caprese Chicken Grilled Cheese Vertical
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Cheesy Chicken Sloppy Joes

Give ground chicken the Sloppy Joe treatment in this creative spin on the classic—we bet you won't even miss the beef.

Get the Cheesy Chicken Sloppy Joes recipe.

cheesy chicken sloppy joes vertical
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Lemon Chicken Wraps

When you consider the charred lemony kebabs, the creamy Sriracha sauce, and the fluffy flatbread, it's easy to understand why we're so obsessed with these. If you don't have time to marinate the chicken, season it with Italian seasoning, garlic powder (instead of cloves), salt, and pepper, then squeeze lemon juice over it once it's cooked.

Get the Lemon Chicken Wraps recipe.

lemon chicken wraps
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General Tso Chicken Sandwiches

Not looking forward to Chinese takeout leftovers? Jazz them up on a sandwich, maybe with some homemade slaw?

Get the General Tso Chicken Sandwiches recipe.

general tso chicken sandwich
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Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

We can't believe we didn't think of this sooner—adding Caesar dressing to a chicken salad sandwich is GENIUS.

Get the Chicken Caesar Sandwiches recipe.

chicken caesar sandwiches
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Buffalo Chicken Meatball Subs

Meatball subs and chicken wings are classic crowd-pleasers, so this mash-up is the perfect thing to make when you have guests over for the game and the oven's monopolized: All you need is a toaster oven to bake the meatballs and toast the subs!

Get the Buffalo Chicken Meatball Subs recipe.

buffalo chicken meatball subs krups vertical
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Chicken Parm Crunchwrap

Inspired by our ever-popular crunchwrap supreme, this hand-held chicken Parm is a game-changer.

Get the Chicken Parm Crunchwrap recipe.

chicken parm crunchwrap
Jonathan Boulton

Mini Chicken Parm Sliders

Here's a hack you'll use forever: Bake a dozen chicken Parm sliders in your 9x13 brownie baking dish!

Get the Mini Chicken Parm Sliders recipe.

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