31 Meals People Were Actually Served At Restaurants That Made Me Say, "Wow, Everyone's So Creative!"

31 Meals People Were Actually Served At Restaurants That Made Me Say, "Wow, Everyone's So Creative!"

1.These Brussels sprouts served in a toilet bowl for no conceivable reason other than to remind you what they're gonna look like later:

A quirky bowl shaped like a toilet filled with roasted Brussels sprouts, garnished with grated cheese, on a dining table
doublebarreldarrel / Reddit / Via reddit.com

2.This burger and fries that I can only assume was served in a drawer because the restaurant broke every single plate they owned:

A burger garnished with an onion ring and a serving of fries are presented in a rustic blue wooden drawer on a table in a casual dining setting
MrWigglemunch / Reddit / Via reddit.com

3.This bowl of rocks, in which some are edible and some are literal rocks!!!

A bowl filled with smooth, gray stones is placed on a wooden table. The table also has a stone decoration and part of a circular fabric mat

4.This rice served in a blue lip bowl??? that, I'm not gonna lie, makes me a bit uncomfortable! I'd feel like I'm being babybird-ed my food!

A ceramic bowl shaped like lips holds a serving of white rice.
itsyaghorl / Reddit / Via reddit.com

5.This ice cream — a famously melty, drippy treat — served on a narrow, flat wooden plank:

A wooden platter holds five scoops of various flavors of gelato or ice cream neatly arranged in a line
consumewithme / Reddit / Via reddit.com

6.These appetizers served in what I can only hope is not a used shoe:

A unique food presentation features fried croquettes served in a black dress shoe on a formal dining table with glassware and utensils
adullploy / Reddit / Via reddit.com

7.This salad served on a slice of wood with a big ole crack, which seems super convenient and not at all messy:

A close-up of a half-eaten Caesar salad with a lemon wedge, croutons, lettuce, and shaved cheese on a dark wooden table. A hand is seen holding a knife
maybenotquiteasheavy / Reddit / Via reddit.com

8.These admittedly cute meringue slugs served on an aloe vera plant that you absolutely cannot convince me is "washed" between customers:

Aloe vera plant in a metal pot with two small white ghost-shaped decorations on its leaves. Person's hands holding a phone can be seen in the background
BoxProfessional976 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

9.These taco holders that speak for themselves, TBH:

Three ceramic pig figures hold tacos on their backs in a creative serving dish, set on a green table with other food items visible
belwolfie / Reddit / Via reddit.com

10.This person's "salad," which is seemingly a bunch of lettuce (and, like, six total toppings) skewered for some reason and put in a bust vase:

Salad served in a quirky white foot-shaped vase with colorful toppings, placed on a green table. Diners’ arms and a fork are visible in the background
apologeticalex / Reddit / Via reddit.com

11.These perplexing hanging chicken drumsticks that — for some reason — were served in the most complicated possible way:

Skewers of grilled meat and dipping sauces placed on a metal rack over a pile of fries on a tray with restaurant branding
monkeydudeman / Reddit / Via reddit.com

12.These desserts served on *checks notes* a cast of the chef's shoe. Like, I guess??

A unique dessert presentation, featuring assorted sweets arranged on a white, shoe-shaped platter, placed on a black marble table
Civil-Lettuce-85 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13.These pigs in a blanket served in a shopping cart, which I guess makes sense, because — as the saying goes — this little piggy went to the market:

Miniature shopping cart filled with appetizers on a table at a restaurant, with blurred individuals dining in the background
donutqueen567 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

14.These loaded fries a) were served in a pan they definitely weren't cooked in and b) come with non-stick coating scrapings, free of charge!!! Yum!

Pan with fries, melted cheese, caramelized onions, and pulled pork. Fork rests inside pan. Background includes another dish and a wooden table
O-4 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

15.These french fries served in a pneumatic tube, something everyone has in their kitchens, right?

A unique cat toy wand filled with curly fries is placed on a table next to a small bowl of ketchup and a glass of water
VigodaLives / Reddit / Via reddit.com

16.This pizza slice stairway that's ten times more embarrassing than when they bring those pizza stands to your table:

A spiral staircase pizza holder with slices of various pizzas on each level, placed on a table set for dining with plates, glasses, and condiments
Roninona / Reddit / Via reddit.com

17.This restaurant, which took to serving this pasta the same way I serve my midnight snacks, but for probably five times the price:

A tin cup filled with macaroni pasta garnished with herbs, positioned on a table with menu folders and a glass in the background
Flashy_Order7380 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.This pizza served on a snowboard, which sounds like a mad lib I wrote when I was seven:

A group of people are seated at a table, sharing a pizza served on a snowboard. Several half-eaten slices are visible with drinks around
HarryFlashman1927 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

19.This appetizer platter served up in a kitchen sink, which is both a) so inefficient and b) pretty much guarantees everything on the bottom is soggy as hell:

A platter of assorted appetizers including onion rings, fried chicken strips, vegetables, and dipping sauces, served creatively with a faucet-like decoration
SpaceySamantha / Reddit / Via reddit.com

20.These clams served on a radio, which is so chaotic that I'm at a loss for words, TBH:

A vintage radio sits on a wooden table. On the table are lemons, sliced bread, two plates, and a wrapped butter pat. In the background, two people are dining
nacladded / Reddit / Via reddit.com

21.These barbequed corn skewers that really make me wish corn grew on something convenient and cob-like:

Skewered corn kernels are laid out on a food tray, likely from a market or food festival, resting on grease-stained parchment paper
slicedmoonstone / Reddit / Via reddit.com

22.These triple-cooked chips that look delicious, but evidently become less appetizing when you realize they've been served in an ashtray:

A dish of thick-cut potato wedges served in a decorative glass bowl on a wooden table, with various glasses and dishes in the background
sashimiburgers / Reddit / Via reddit.com

23.This risotto that was served on a plate, but — in a fascinating turn of events — on the bottom??

A person is about to eat a dish of risotto topped with broccoli and cherry tomatoes, placed on a white plate. They are holding a spoon
1nkp0tzero / Reddit / Via reddit.com

24.This cocktail served in a hollow rock with only this teeny hole to suck it through...aka a disaster waiting to happen:

A stone with a hole, resembling a natural sculpture, on a textured tabletop beside a glass and a paper napkin
MrMagicMoves / Reddit / Via reddit.com

25.OK, pause for a second. Take a hint at what's in that mug — got a guess? The answer is scrambled eggs, which was neither my first, second, or tenth guess when I first saw this picture, because why would you serve scrambled eggs in a mug??

A plate with grilled cheese sandwiches and a green mug overfilled with soup at a table in a cafe. A glass of water and espresso cup are in the background
youngmase / Reddit / Via reddit.com

26.These cheese fries served in a dog bowl that I'm assuming you have to eat like a dog, too:

A plate of loaded fries topped with melted cheese and bacon bits, placed on a table alongside other food items
VanillaGSB / Reddit / Via reddit.com

27.This cocktail served in a glass that's seemingly made for you to poke your eye out:

Glass dish with spikes contains red sauce, placed over ice and garnished with pink flowers
oyapapoya / Reddit / Via reddit.com

28.This strange sushi board that I just know I'd accidentally elbow (because it's in the least convenient place!!) and accidentally catapult all my precious sushi onto the patrons behind me:

Two people dine at a restaurant with food served on a long tray between them. Various dishes and a beer are on the table
Dinopyro / Reddit / Via reddit.com

29.This onion soup served in an onion...on some hay...in a bowl...with an extra side shot of it served in a hollowed-out log:

An artistic dish is served in a unique bowl, with a drink in a rustic cup next to it, on a restaurant table setting. Diners are visible in the background
BriefEconomy1185 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

30.This HOT (!!!) coffee served in a handle-free glass bottle, in case you wanted a sandwich with a side of burns for breakfast:

A bacon and egg burger on a plate is placed on a table with a glass bottle of sauce and an empty glass beside it. A napkin with "Busy Bee" logo is also on the table
SSttrruupppp11 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

31.And finally, this broccoli tree that's cursed, cursed, CURSED:

A whimsical metal tree sculpture holding roasted broccoli florets as branches sits on a table in a modern dining setting
juangutip / Reddit / Via reddit.com

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