This $4.99 Trader Joe's Summer Favorite Is Back and I'm Stocking Up

The limited release treat flew off the shelves last year.

<p>Simply Recipes / Adobe Stock</p>

Simply Recipes / Adobe Stock

There are few things my kids and I love more than packing up the car and heading out into nature. And, by “packing up the car,” I mean loading up all our favorite snacks to enjoy in the great outdoors. Because we wouldn’t consider these trips complete without s’mores, I've made it a point to stock up on Trader Joe's seriously tasty S'mores Clusters whenever I can.

When Trader Joe’s first introduced their take on the classic campfire treat in 2023, bags flew off shelves pretty quickly. Maybe that’s because shoppers got word that it was a limited-release product. It’s also very likely that people (my family included) simply couldn’t get enough of the sweet that delivers summer nostalgia in one delicious bite—I’m talking all the s’mores stars.

<p>Simply Recipes / Trader Joe's</p>

Simply Recipes / Trader Joe's

You probably already get the picture: Piles of squishy mini marshmallows and crunchy graham cracker pieces generously coated in creamy milk chocolate. If you’re not already en route to your local Trader Joe’s to grab a bag (or five), you might be overlooking a couple more reasons why you really should be.

First, there’s the fact that each 7.5-ounce bag is a good deal at only $4.99—considering how much you’d spend if you chose to buy all the ingredients separately. Secondly, in significant competition with their taste and price is the fact that they’re so darn convenient. No time to build a campfire or search for suitable twigs? No problem. Just reach into the bag and start snackin’.

While that is a perfectly good way to enjoy the creamy, crunchy clusters, my family has come up with some somewhat rogue ways of making the snack that much more mouthwatering.

Candy bar aficionados may recognize our first method, but even if you’re not one, hear me out. Sticking the clusters—the whole bag or just a few on a piece of parchment paper — into the freezer transforms them into a cold and crispier dessert. Come to think of it, storing the sealed bags in the freezer is also a great way of keeping them fresh for a little longer than they would in the pantry.

If ooey gooey s’mores are more your style, I’ll leave you with our other tip: Put them on a plate and leave them out in a warm place. I promise that the melty result is worth the short wait.

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