4 body parts you should be cleaning (but probably aren't)

Nisean Lorde

Most people remember to lather up the important parts of their bodies: faces, nether regions, armpits — but what about your belly button? A 2012 study published in PLOS One suggests that the bacteria found in belly buttons are highly diverse, with more than 2,300 species of bacteria burrowed in the navel — 1,458 of which may be new to science.

“It’s an area that’s warm and moist so it can grow yeast as well,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a principal dermatologist at DLK Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Clinic. She tells Yahoo Canada that people who are larger in particular need to clean underneath the folds in their bodies to help prevent bacteria buildup.

“After (cleaning), I get people to often use a cornstarch-based powder in that area just to keep it dry,” Kellett adds. “Because areas that are warm and moist are more prone to growing candida, which is a type of yeast.”

In addition to the belly button, click through the gallery to see other body areas Dr. Kellett suggests people should wash (but are likely missing) when they shower.

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