'Your 40s can be way better': Mom's side-by-side bikini photo at 27 and 42

Health influencer Ally Tokar has a naturally slim physique — but only over the past several years has she really started to consciously think about how she treats her body.

<i>(Image via Instagram/ally_trout)</i>
(Image via Instagram/ally_trout)

Tokar, from Georgia, opened up about her fitness journey on Instagram where she shared two bikini photos: one of her at 27 and the other at 42, her current age. She completed her comparison with a message about how she views herself now versus then.

“Your 40s can be way better, like unbelievably, extraordinarily, infinitely, SO MANY ADVERBS better than any previous decade,” she captioned the 15-year before-and-after post. “Yes! even your 20s when you thought you were doing pretty good until you compare it to a picture from now and you’re like, ‘Hmmm. I kinda think I look better now, even after two kids INCLUDING ONE THAT WEIGHED OVER 8 POUNDS.

While Tokar has always been slender, her body transformation from thin to fit has her hooked on wellness. “I started working out because I needed to. I was skinny, but not fit,” she wrote previously on Instagram.

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Her attitude towards health has even helped her husband make his own fitness strides.

FOUR AND A HALF FREAKIN YEARS that I’ve been eating vegetables and proteins instead of pizza,” she captioeds a transformation image with her husband. “Drinking 45 ounces of water every damn day and saying ‘no thanks’ to cupcakes, when I really just wanted to smear the icing all over my face and moan inappropriately at kids’ birthday parties and all he had to do was eat a few salads over 3 months and he has a V. Do you have a V? I don’t have a V. WHY DON’T I HAVE A V?????

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In addition to these before-and-after images, Tokar regularly shares videos of her yoga routines and progress with her 85,000+ Instagram followers — showing how eating consciously and staying fit can keep you young, happy and healthy for longer.

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