44 Photos Of Terrible Bosses And Workplaces That Have Me Drafting Angry "I QUIT!" Letters To Companies I Don't Even Work At

1.This boss texted their employee to come in the day after their friend died by suicide because "Sylvia needs help."

Text messages; one person says, "Sorry for your loss but Sylvia needs help!" The other responds, "Yeah I’m sorry, I should have asked him to wait for the weekend. I’m on my way."
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2.This boss fired an employee over a medical emergency.

Text conversation. Nancy says she packed the recipient's belongings and left them at their door. The recipient explains their health issues related to blood sugar and apologizes
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3.Hmmmm, I wonder why they're short-handed?

Two signs: One says applicants must be available to work any shift and any day. The other apologizes for short-handedness and promises quick service
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4.'Cause everyone is totally thinking, "How can I best serve my company?" on vacation.

Notice titled "Attention All Staff" stating employees must be reachable via cellphone even when not working or face termination after 2 write-ups
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5.This has got to be illegal, right? RIGHT???

Sign titled "No Quit Policy" advises contacting the chain of command before resigning and discussing needs with the Gunter Family
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6.This, too.

Chat conversation about a clock system rounding punches to the nearest 15 minutes, with one person clarifying how it affects their work hours and pay
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7.Yep, definitely illegal.

Text summarizing a shift differential reduction, with amounts for 2nd Shift Differential reduced by $168.47 from 39.68 to 29.77 hours and Shift Differential OT reduced by $1.53
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8.Sounds like this employee's a real flake who totally deserved that reply.

Text conversation: Top message mentions a husband running a dog to the emergency vet due to an injury and the person being left with unsupervised teenagers. Bottom message is about flexibility with work-life balance and not taking advantage of it
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9.Just give the poor people more time off!!! They're out for a MEDICAL REASON.

Summary: A post asks for leave donations to help two employees. Employee A needs 49 hours, and Employee B needs 231 hours. Donations must be in full four-hour increments
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10.Who thought this was a good idea?

Hand holding a plastic container with yellow candies, labeled "Urine -Credible!! Happy Nurses Week!"
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11.What a great, thoughtful gift!

Green pen and four wrapped candies on a mesh zip pouch with a round, holographic sticker displaying various symbols
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12.I'm just grateful that managers and bosses are so kind and respectful when you have to quit.

Resignation email exchange. The sender apologizes for short notice due to scheduling conflicts. The recipient criticizes the sender's decision, expressing disappointment and accusing the sender of not caring about the job or customers
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13.Or they just don't let you quit.

A person is frustrated that McDonald's didn't process their resignation in March. The screenshot shows a resignation request history with a received date of 13/03/2023
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14.This is giving Big Brother.

Computer screen display prompting the user to select a reason for being away, with options: Lunch, Break, Meeting, Personal, and Other
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15.Wow, I'm SO happy companies are forcing employees back to the office. Productivity must be skyrocketing!

Empty office space with multiple desks and computer monitors, no people present
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16.At least you have great free supplies in-office!

Two images showing a cup of soup. The left image has a wooden spoon, and the right image shows a long, thin stick held by a hand
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17.I mean, working at the office is just SO much better than working at home.

A sticky trap placed on a wooden floor catches several cockroaches and small debris
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18.Don't worry — if you're loyal to a company long enough, you'll be rewarded.

A close-up image of a document with subtotal and total values. Military, personal, suspension, and cease end dates checkboxes are partially visible
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19.You could even get a five-minute break as a reward!

  u/R3A1xGhosT / Via reddit.com
u/R3A1xGhosT / Via reddit.com

20.Why would anyone spend non-work hours doing this?

Flyer for BYO-Picnic on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 6:00 PM. Bring your basket and blanket for dinner, and meet by the stage near the rose garden. Weather pending
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21.Yep, blame "undependable teenagers" and not, I don't know, dangerous conditions.

A handwritten note on a wooden surface reads, "Closing early due to undependable teenagers. Sorry."
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22.This poor employee fractured their femur, and their boss decided to bring up some other employee who worked on crutches (who is 100% a natural person and not someone they just made up to suit their purposes).

A text message conversation discussing a knee injury and using crutches, with an image of a swollen, bruised knee shown below. Text also reads, "Bro it's so swollen wtf"
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23.I just love how flexible managers are.

Text screenshot: A person communicates via text about not being able to make a 9am shift due to school and physical needs, and needing discussed reduced hours. Supervisor asks to discuss on Monday
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24.While it's nice to help out a fellow employee (in this case, one who makes $140k), shouldn't the company itself pay for this stuff rather than asking for money from lower-paid workers???

The image is a message informing everyone that a crucial faculty member is taking time off to recover from a foot injury. Colleagues are contributing to an Amazon gift card for her recovery gifts
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25.I get the need to have phishing tests, but is this level of cruel hope really necessary?

Announcement of a Christmas program in collaboration with Amazon, offering discounts and free shipping. Emphasizes voucher code retrieval and phishing simulation warning
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26.Sorry, but denying time off is giving indentured servitude...

Screenshot of a series of unpaid day off requests spanning from June 11, 2024, to July 3, 2024. Most requests are denied. One is pending and one is canceled
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27.Thank god your boss will only call you in (in the middle of the night, no less) if it's 100% necessary.

View from inside a John Deere tractor at night, dashboard illuminated, reflecting a lit urban parking lot with wet pavement and surrounding buildings
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28.Even after you're fired, apparently, they still need you.

Screenshot of a text conversation: An invitation for work in Markham is made, mentioning the previous firing. The respondent expresses surprise and humor
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29.Maybe it's just me, but I feel like if your job accidentally overpays you, that's on them, and you should get to keep the money.

  u/RivalGuernica / Via reddit.com
u/RivalGuernica / Via reddit.com

30.It's nice when your boss takes safety concerns into account.

Chat conversation about storing heavy boxes and paper bags, with concerns about placement and safety
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31.And comfort.

Worn-out sneaker soles covered with metal shavings on a workbench with tools
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32.New coffeehouse near work? Yay! Discontinuing your breakroom coffee so you HAVE to purchase coffee from the new shop if you want any? Not yay!

Notice from Good Earth Coffeehouse about a new opening at 686 Bay St. and details on discontinuing the coffee pod program. Operation hours and special events included
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33.I love how workplaces maintain the break room facilities so nicely.

An open freezer with significant ice buildup on all interior surfaces, partially obstructing the shelf inside
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34.Workplaces also love keeping their surroundings beautiful and peaceful for employees!

Five photos show an office chair by a window, trees outside with leaves in varying stages (green, orange, bare), and a tree stump next to a dumpster
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35.Looks like an appropriate replacement.

Brother MFC-L2750DW Compact Laser All-in-One Multifunction Center box showing its printing, copying, scanning, and faxing features
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36.Don't you love how easy bosses are on you right when you get back from vacation?

Notification from "employees" group showing "removed you" text. The top remarks reflect frustration and criticism towards a former employer after being replaced
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37.This seems like a totally fair reason to fire someone.

Text message at 14:26 regarding a friend's theft from an organization, requesting the friend's name, suggesting risk, and hinting at potential termination
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38.But don't worry about getting fired – getting back into the job market is easy!

Job listing highlights: Minimum 5 years in motion design, graphic design, animation, or similar. Entry-level, full-time. Functions: design, creative, IT
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39.Companies' job requirements are totally reasonable.

Job posting for a Generative AI Developer, requires a minimum of 10 years of experience with ChatGPT API, remote, contract, technical position
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40.No company or business would ever make you interview, do a sample shift, and then tell you they're not hiring.

Text conversation about not needing the recipient to work this week at a salon. Request for their full name and address to send a check
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41.Seriously — this never happens!

  u/Beautiful_Pea_4244 / Via reddit.com
u/Beautiful_Pea_4244 / Via reddit.com

42.Rejections are always polite.

A chat message with an alert icon next to it reads, "You look like a baby....." The message was sent at 7:03 PM
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43.Companies ask totally fair questions on job applications.

Survey questions with statements about work ethics and personal beliefs, requiring responses from "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree."
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44.And finally, they always, always pay you fairly.

Email response indicating the user has applied for a 3-month unpaid internship, with potential for retention and paid positions for successful interns
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