This 4AGE-Powered Hilux Revs to 10,000 RPM

toyota hilux 4age revving to 10,000 rpm on a dyno
This 4AGE-Powered Hilux Revs to 10,000 RPM Garage 4AGE / YouTube

Most truck builders are not focused on high-revving four-cylinder engines. Fortunately, YouTube user Garage 4AGE is not like most truck builders. The wrench behind that channel just dropped a new 4AGE capable of revving to 10,000 rpm in their flat bed-equipped Hilux. The dyno runs are just as spectacular as you might hope.

The new engine replaces an old turbocharged unit. Baseline dyno runs with that old powerplant show that it produced 284 hp and revved to 9000 rpm. That is pretty good, sure, but we can do better.

In goes the new motor, a 1.8-liter Toyota 7A block with a 1.6-liter Toyota 4AGE crank, custom pistons, custom rods, and variable valve timing. Over the course of many adjustments and further dyno runs, the engine eventually produces 314 hp with just 13.8 PSI of boost and revs all the way past 10,000 rpm. As one might expect, the Hilux sounds magnificent ripping through the brush on trial runs.

So what do you do with a 4AGE-powered Hilux with a flatbed? You take it anywhere you want to go, of course. Back when the truck had its last engine, the owner filmed it running through mud, climbing obstacles, and ripping up hills at full throttle. The same chassis was also aggressively jumped over a sand dune four years ago. Some trail in New Zealand is about to hear a 10,000-rpm roar coming from a Hilux very soon.

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