These 5 DIY playhouse makeovers are so epic, you’ll want to make a down payment

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Some of the best childhood memories are made in a playhouse. What kid doesn’t love their own special sanctuary built just for them? Playhouses have always been, and continue to be, a childhood staple, as evidenced by the many toy home fixer-uppers on TikTok. From a playhouse with a patio to a playhouse with a built-in slide, here are 5 epic DIY playhouse upgrades that are total real estate envy.

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1. Fully Furnished Cottage Playhouse

Charm doesn’t even begin to describe this quaint and idyllic cottage playhouse. The white playhouse is beautifully landscaped and features a repurposed, galvanized barn roof and a brick walkway leading up to a customized antique wooden door. The front door opens to a fireplace mantle lit with tall electric candles. The playhouse’s interior includes checkered white and gray linoleum flooring and is decorated with quaint, wicker furniture and other rustic antiques.

2. Playhouse Café

This colorful playhouse café can brighten anyone’s mood. Before dining at the fried egg table and stool set, guests can order underneath the pastel polka dot awning at the front counter window. Blue and white vinyl placed on the pink base of the playhouse serves as a walkway to the front door, which is decorated with a neon “Hello” sign. To the left of the playhouse, separated by a small picket fence, is a peaceful outdoor area complete with a bench and a sculpture of a dog digging through the grass.

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3. Playhouse With Patio

Adults will have as much fun as the kids when chilling at this boho abode. The beginning of the clip features a shot of the playhouse pre-makeover, where a charming white house sits atop a cinder block base. The addition of a few floor pillows, plants, an umbrella, and a hanging egg chair transform the simple playhouse into a serene haven.

4. Playhouse With Garden

This magical playhouse looks like it was plucked straight from “The Secret Garden”! Lush plants and colorful flowers decorate each side of the stepping stone pathway leading to the picturesque cedar playhouse. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by two gold-painted garden flamingos. The playhouse’s unique landscaping makes it the perfect place to frolic through flowers.

5. Playhouse With Deck & Slide

An outdoor deck with a slide turns this playhouse into a funhouse! The playhouse’s exterior includes a light blue door decorated with a wreath and a lighting fixture on each side. To the left of the door, a window box brimming with flowers adorns the sliding double windows. The house’s interior is furnished with a small dining table, a kitchen set with a mini-fridge, and a real pullout bed. As cool as the inside of the playhouse is, the outside is where the real fun happens. Kids can play on the deck, situated directly above the playhouse, and then slide down the attached slide.

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