5 easy and inexpensive hacks for setting a holiday table

While the highlight of most holiday gatherings is the menu, a well-decorated table can set the mood and create a magical atmosphere that will wow your guests. No matter the aesthetic or size of your party, creating a beautiful tablescape shouldn’t have to break the bank. From DIY centerpieces to creative napkin rings, here are five easy and inexpensive tips for setting a holiday table.

Traveling home for the holidays? Here are 4 things you need to do right now.

1. Christmas tree napkin hack

This easy, no-cost Christmas tree napkin folding hack will brighten up each place setting. The TikTok post gives a detailed breakdown of how to turn a regular napkin into a festive Christmas tree that’s perfect for welcoming guests to the table.

This simple pastry dish will be your go-to all holiday season:

2. Easy centerpiece hack

You’ll never have to spend another dime on a holiday centerpiece, thanks to this DIY display. All you’ll need is an empty glass jar or vase, old or thrifted ornaments and wired timer twinkle lights. Start by tying the wire around your first ornament, and place it on the bottom of the vase. Continue layering the ornaments and wires, filling any gaps. Once the last ornament has been placed, switch on the twinkle lights for a festive, glowing centerpiece.

3. Jenga place setting

This place setting puts the versatility of Jenga blocks on full display. Start by gluing together four sets of three blocks. Then glue those into a box shape. Stuff the wooden boxes with colorful tissue paper, and fill them with small candy or trinkets. Tie the tissue paper together with a ribbon, and add it to your place setting.

4. DIY napkin rings

The decorating possibilities are endless with an empty wrapping paper roll and glue gun. Start by cutting the roll into smaller rings. Next, grab some plastic beads and gently glue each strand around the roll using a hot glue gun. The finished product is a luxurious napkin ring that’s as beautiful as it is inexpensive.

5. Stemware cleaning hack

No holiday table is complete without sparkling stemware. Start by filling a bowl with room temperature water. Then add some gentle dishwasher soap. Next, dip your glasses in the mixture, and wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Spray each glass with a combination of water and vinegar. Then rinse with clean water, and dry with a microfiber cloth.

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