5 fresh soju cocktails that are making a splash on TikTok

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Soju is a Korean alcoholic beverage that’s the latest food and drink trend making a splash all over TikTok. Similar to vodka, soju is clear and colorless with a neutralizing taste, making it the perfect base for creative cocktails. From a vibrant pineapple juice and Gatorade cocktail to a lovely lychee iced tea cocktail, soju is the ingredient holding it all together behind the scenes. If you’re looking for a new cocktail series to sip on, here are five delicious soju cocktails that are the toast of the season!

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1. Pineapple juice and Gatorade soju cocktail

This clever soju cocktail features a fun lesson for mixing primary colors. Begin by adding pineapple juice to a glass over ice. Next, add original-flavored soju followed by blue Gatorade. And by the powers vested in color theory, the cocktail marries yellow and blue for a green-hued gradient. Finally, give the soju cocktail a light stir, and cheers!

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2. Dragon fruit lychee soju cocktail

Making this gorgeous dragon fruit lychee soju cocktail is its own form of art. First, add ice to a glass, followed by diced dragon fruit and chopped canned lychee. Next, place one lychee on the rim of the glass. Then pour some lychee juice from the can into the glass, followed by citron-flavored soju. Finally, top with Mogu Mogu lychee juice, gently stir and enjoy!

3. Blackberry mojito soju cocktail

For a cocktail with a bit of a dark side, look no further than this blackberry soju mojito. Start by adding a handful of blackberries and mint leaves to a glass. Next, add lime juice and muddle the ingredients. Then fill the glass with ice, pour in simple syrup, followed by soju. Finally, top with club soda, stir the cocktail and bottoms up!

4. Lychee iced tea soju cocktail

Shake things up at tea time with this gorgeous lychee iced tea soju cocktail. First, pour black tea over ice in a shaker. Next, pour in lychee-flavored soju and shake well. Strain the mix into a coupe glass rimmed with sugar. Finally, garnish with dried rose petals and fresh lychees on a toothpick.

5. Strawberry Yakult soju cocktail

Yakult is a sweetened probiotic milk beverage from Japan that’s also a popular cocktail ingredient. For this strawberry Yakult soju cocktail, start by adding freshly cut strawberries to a glass. Then muddle them. Next, add ice, followed by Yakult. Top with strawberry-flavored soju, and give the cocktail a gentle stir before serving.

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