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5 things he’s done but won’t ever tell you

October 22, 2012
5 things he’s done but won’t ever tell you
5 things he’s done but won’t ever tell you

Seen another woman naked while in a relationship with you

This has got to be one of the worst things men do but will never tell you. Although not all men will have seen another woman naked when they are in a relationship, a shockingly high amount of guys have done so. Researchers have estimated that 22 per cent of men have visited strip clubs and around 60 per cent regularly watch naked women in pornography.  These figures don’t even cover those guys who have actually cheated with another woman. According to a study, one in five adults in a monogamous relationship have cheated and, of these one in five, men are more likely to have cheated than women. Yet chances are even if you confront your man he won’t tell you – only six per cent of people who had cheated admitted to it when confronted by their partner.  

Caught an STI

Sexually transmitted infections are probably one of the least romantic and most embarrassing secrets a guy will ever have to confess to. One of the most awkward aspects of catching an STI is choosing that moment when you tell your new date. Do you slip in the fact that you were riddled a year ago on your first date whilst you are both sharing desert? Or, do you break the news after you’ve slept together? Frankly, there is never a good time to tell your new date that you caught an STI, yet in the United States around 19 million people catch one every single year. Therefore, it is likely that at some point in your guy’s life he has caught one and felt that it was too humiliating to admit to you.

Facebook stalked his ex

Did you know Facebook is responsible for one out of five divorces? It’s no surprise really. We all know how irresistible it is to check out that hot guy who joined the office last month’s holiday snaps. Yet a high amount of people also check out their ex’s profiles. In fact, 85 per cent of people have looked up an ex on their Facebook, with 17 per cent of people using their Facebook account to check out their ex at least once a week. If you suspect your ex does this, beware; another study found that people who check out their exes on Facebook were more likely to be hung-up about the breakup.  

Disagreed with you

So you think you always win the fights in your house? Well, even though you’re extremely proud of your “unbeaten record”, what you don’t know is that your guy isn’t even fighting with you. A lot of men admit to agreeing with their girlfriends during fights simply to have a little peace. Plus if they admit to being wrong and take all the blame you’re more likely to hop into bed with them for a cheeky spot of make-up sex.  Next time you think he’s just agreeing with you for an easy life, ask him why he was wrong or why whatever it was he did was bad. He’ll struggle to maintain the lie when you demand more explanation.

Had another pint

Have you ever called your boyfriend when he’s in the pub and as soon as he picks up he tells you he’s drinking his last pint? Chances are that’s a lie. In a study that looked at the lies men and women told, the second most frequent lie men told was that they were drinking their last drink. So, what was the number one lie men told? Oddly, the most common lie men told was also the most common lie women told and that was that ‘They were fine’. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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