Want to make the most of winter? Follow these 5 tips to level up your favourite winter activities

Winter is more fun when you’re staying active — and Canadian Tire has everything you need so you can Take On Winter. From fresh ways to level up your favourite winter pastimes to budget-friendly workout essentials, we’ve got you covered, so you can get the most out of winter.

Enthusiastic child wearing ski goggles while sledding down a hill on a plastic sled with his arms in the air
Photo via Canadian Tire (Getty Images)

Let’s be real—Canadian winters can be a bit of a drag, between the frigid temperatures and piles of snow to shovel. But they can also be tons of fun, if you’ve got the right mindset, and the right gear. After all, there’s nothing quite like an afternoon of sledding or ice skating to help you remember what a magical season winter can be.

Want to feel like a kid again? It all starts with getting out and playing in the snow, as opposed to just shovelling it. Here are a few easy ways to level up classic cold-weather activities, so you can rediscover just how fun and exciting winter can be.

Give your tobogganing game an upgrade

Father and son taking a toboggan out of the trunk to go sledding
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Forget that busted sled you’ve been storing in your garage for who knows how long: there have been a number of advancements in tobogganing tech since you last hit the hills. If you want to impress your fellow tobogganers with the latest and greatest, this spinner sled is sure to do the trick; it’s also super lightweight, making it easy to carry back up for another run.

And if you’ve never flown down a hill on a snow tube, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing. This large inflatable H20 Snow Sled 2-Rider Tube has anti-slip patches on the bottom, giving you greater control. Want to really stand out? Check out Yukon Charlie’s Snow Tube. The stylish red plaid tube is made from heavy gauge PVC with welded seams to ensure air doesn’t escape. With its puncture-resistant tarpaulin bottom, this snow tube is every bit as durable as it is fashionable, ensuring it can survive some serious sledding action, and look good while doing it.

Increase your fun factor with a snow racer

A man run and rolls a small child boy on a snow racer through the snow from the mountain in the park.
Photo via Getty Images (Tatyana Maximova via Getty Images)

A snow racer can help you turn a good day of sledding into a great one, and your kids will squeal with delight when they see the Stiga GT Curve Snowracer with its powder-coated steel frame. If you’d prefer something a little smaller and lighter for your tots, try the red Stiga GT Snowracer instead. And if you want to hop on for a ride as well (we don’t blame you), the Stiga GT King Size 2-Person Snowracer features an extended frame and large seat for maximum comfort.

Feeling the need for speed? The H20 Snow Racer Pro has your name on it. With its aerodynamic frame, precision steering, and durable brakes, you’ll enjoy skillfully shredding the slopes. For a sleek ride that will grow with your kid, check out the Yamaha Venom Snow Racer. With its adjustable seat, flashing LED light, and convenient front towing system, this racer will win you some serious points.

Elevate your winter baby gear

Happy family with child on sled walking in winter outdoors, beautiful snowy day in the nature
Photo via Getty Images (matrixnis via Getty Images)

Even the littlest snow bunnies deserve to be carted around in style. For a truly beautiful winter ride, pull your little one through the snow and to grandmother’s house you go in this traditional baby sleigh. Made from Ontario ash hardwood, this showstopper sports a deluxe thick pad so your tot can ride in comfort. Want a lightweight option with a Santa-esque vibe? Try this adorable Steamridge Snow Cutter vintage-style sled.

Already have a trusty wagon that you and your kids love? Winterize it by adding a seat cushion and side pads to put a comfy padded layer between its cold metal surfaces and your precious passengers. Then finish it off with an add-on canopy to protect your little ones from the elements on their outdoor adventures.

Bring the ice rink to your backyard

Young child standing outside in the winter with a pair of ice skate hanging around his neck, blurred background
Photo via Canadian Tire (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Want to be the neighbourhood hero? Build a skating rink in your backyard and you’re sure to be the talk of the block. Then say goodbye to jockeying for ice time at your local rink, and enjoy nonstop skate action and shinny hockey in the comfort of your own backyard all winter long.

Of course, you’ll want to be properly equipped for your inaugural skate session. Built for quickness and mobility, the Bauer Vapor X250 Hockey Skate is the perfect starter skate for kids. For adult skaters looking for comfort and stability, pick up a pair of CCM RW 300 Recreational Skates. (Bonus: these skates come pre-sharpened, making them ideal for casual skaters.)

Practice safety in style

Young child skating on a snowy lake while wearing a helmet and sticking her tongue out
Photo via Canadian Tire (Getty Images)

With all this sliding and zooming, you’ll also want to upgrade your safety game. If you want your kid to be the envy of their crew, outfit them with this Raskullz Sticker Bomb helmet, which features a punk-rock-inspired 3D mohawk. For bigger kids, this combo Decibel helmet with goggles has a dial-fit system to ensure a snug fit. And if you have a wee one racing through the snow, you’ll want to pick up the toddler version, with a shockproof ABS shell that will provide you with peace of mind during winter play.

Don’t forget about protecting your own head either! With a matte finish, adjustable vents, and removable ear flaps, the Decibel Adult Helmet is perfect for all your favourite winter activities, from skiing and snowboarding to skating and sledding.

As Canadians, we don’t shy away from winter, we embrace it — and Canadian Tire is here to help you make the most of the season. Whether you’re looking for snow removal hacks, tips to improve your indoor air quality for a healthier home, or fun ways to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, Canadian Tire has everything you need so you can Take On Winter.