How this 5-year-old's hair fiasco brought joy to the world

Five-year-old Charle-feigh’s first day of school hair drama story stole hearts all around the world. (Photo: Markeisha Simien via Facebook)
Five-year-old Charle-feigh’s first day of school hair drama story stole hearts all around the world. (Photo: Markeisha Simien via Facebook)

Raise your hand if you have ever been hype about showing off a new hairstyle when it’s time to go back to school? C’mon, admit it, many of us have been there and can relate. It’s the kickoff of the school year, and sometimes you just want to show how in formation your look is. A 5-year-old by the name of Charle-feigh felt this way too, and was excited to strike a pose with her new stylish braided ’do for the first day of school. But by the time her mother picked up after school, let’s just say, her adorable little hairstyle took a heart-warming yet hilarious turn for the worse.

“I had my daughter’s hair done Sunday evening for school that week,” Charle-feigh’s mother, Markeisha Simien, told Yahoo Beauty. “When she got out of school Monday evening, her hair was tore up. The style didn’t even last 24 hours.”

Simien shared a before and after shot of her daughter’s hair on Facebook, with a caption that read, “Before and after school CHRONICLES!” In a short timespan, the post received over 95,000 impressions and reactions — which made it go viral all over social media.

“Once I saw that it started going viral, it kind of overwhelmed me,” said Simien. I never thought it would go viral like that.” The Louisiana mother expressed how initially her daughter was really happy about her new hairstyle and how she’s usually a “girly girl” — very precise about everything from her hair to her nails and more. But this was one instance where she was kind of over it.

Simien reflected back to the moment she saw her daughter after school and shared, “I was waiting to see her, and see how her day was. When I saw that hair, my nerves got so bad. I didn’t know what to do. I was devastated, because I was wondering what happen to my baby? She said, ‘Mom, it was itching and I took it out.’ All I could say was, ‘oh my God.'”

After Simien shared her daughter’s before and after school hair drama on the internet, it picked up so much attention that it overwhelmed her and she ended up taking it down. However, after rethinking it, she realized it was a positive post and people were taking a liking to her daughter’s adventurous day. “I thought about it and said to myself, ‘they love my baby,’ so I just put it back up on Facebook.”

If you haven’t noticed by now, Charle-feigh’s mom really takes pride in making sure her daughter looks good and stands out. Uniforms are required at her daughter’s school, so she tries her best to make sure she styles her hair uniquely and adds little accessories to her look so she can stand out and feel good. “When she took apart her hair, it frustrated me but it didn’t make me mad enough to where I was just angry, because I know she is a good girl,” says Simien. “She’s made a lot of people in the world happy just by that post. I had numerous people in my inbox telling me how my daughter made their day. They were having bad days, and they saw her post and felt better. For her to bring joy to the world like that was good enough for me.”

Charle-feigh isn’t familiar with the world of social media, so Simien hasn’t shared all of the love and support from her crazy hair day just yet. But she does plan to show her one day, and knows it will bring a smile to her face.

Can we say social media star in the making?! Little Charle-feigh is on her way!

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