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A lack of excitement and communication

Leading dating coach and psychologist Jo Hemmings lists the top reasons that a relationship has come to the end of its course: “Rowing over inconsequential things that never bothered you before. Or if really bad, not actually arguing at all, because you or your partner simply can’t be bothered even to row; a growing lack of communication or disconnect, both in and out of the bedroom; not feeling concerned about who they are with or what they might be doing; increasingly enjoying or looking forward to spending time without your partner; noticing flaws in your partner, where before you weren’t aware of them or even loved them for it; feeling that sex is a chore or lacks intimacy, and so begins to lack excitement.”
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6 signs your relationship is coming to an end

On Sunday night, Hollywood’s golden couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced they were splitting after eight years of being married.

The shock revelation is nothing new in the age where one in five couples in the UK regularly consider separating.

Relationship experts have agreed that a simple lack of respect is the ultimate reason behind why many couples divorce.

But there are plenty more (and they don’t always involve constant arguing).

“For some people, it is a slow recognition of a number of factors that begin to emerge in their relationship, while for others, there is a defining moment – when they realise that the relationship simply can’t last, often when you realise that you no longer love the person that they are with, or sadly, that they no longer love you,” says dating coach and behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings.

“If you want to address the issues that are building up in your relationship, then the only way to truly understand whether you have a future together is to talk it through with your partner and tell them how you are feeling, however difficult it seems,” she adds.

“Sometimes these feelings will be to do with something else altogether like illness or work stress, but if you don’t communicate, it will tend to get worse. If you are the one who is feeling like you don’t see a future, than it is kinder to be honest, rather than let your partner continue to suffer in fear and concern.”

We got some more tips from some of the UK’s leading relationship and marriage experts to find out the major warning signs that could spell the end of your relationship.

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