6-year-old says bully threw him out of moving school bus: 'It has turned our world upside down'

A 6-year-old Baltimore County student claims an older student threw him out the window of a moving bus. (Photo: WBFF)

A Maryland father is taking drastic measures, including quitting his job to relocate his family and withdrawing his six children from their school, after his 6-year-old son was allegedly thrown out of a moving school bus window by an older bully.

“I just wish this would've never happened,” Brian Kight, the boy's father, told WBFF. “It has turned our world upside down. We're moving. We're relocating. We're taking our kids and leaving."

According to Kight, who plans to take his children to West Virginia, the past six months have been a nightmare for his kids, especially his 6-year-old, Jacion, at Featherbed Lane Elementary in Gwynn Oak, Maryland.

Earlier this month, Kight was surprised when his first-grade son didn't arrive home after school. According to Jacion, an older student called him to the back of the bus, where the student then "pushed the emergency button to open the window, and he throw me out the window," Jacion said.

“He dumped me out the window, and I landed on the street,” Jacion told WBFF. “No car didn't run me over.”

Kight says that Jacion fell head first out of the moving bus and was knocked unconscious.

“I'm scared to death,” Kight says. “I show up, and he's already in the back of the ambulance. And I didn't even get to talk to nobody because the ambulance was in a very big rush to pull off. So, I jumped in the ambulance. I was thinking I might be losing my child. And it was terrifying.”

Jacion spent three days in the hospital; according to medical reports he suffered "frontal skull fractures with small head bleed."

Kight says it was frightening to see his child “completely unconscious, unresponsive.” He added: “My children actually approached me and said that, ‘We are scared to go back to that school. Do we have to go?’ And I'm a parent. I love my children. And with them saying that and the look on their faces, I can't send them back there. I can't."

While police have yet to watch the surveillance video and the police report is ongoing, Kight says that he saw the incident and confirmed Jacion was pushed out the window. “And all I could think about was, ‘God, please help my son,'” he said.

While waiting in the hospital, Kight reached out to an attorney, Ivan Bates, who believes the incident could lead to a possible lawsuit against Baltimore County Schools and will be conducting his own investigation.

“It could have been avoided, it should have been avoided,” Bates said.

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