This $64 foundation is our new holy grail product

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Last month, Dior released a new foundation that has beauty lovers falling head over heels. Dior Forever is a luxurious foundation featuring 24-hour wear, and comes in 28 matte and 24 glow shades. It also boasts ultra-hydrating and antioxidant skincare ingredients, like wild pansy extract and rose fruit extract, which the brand says will perfect your complexion while infusing your skin with skin-loving benefits. But at $64 CAD, it’s not cheap — and editors at Yahoo Lifestyle Canada were skeptical the foundation would be worth the price. Spoiler alert? It totally is. 

Two Yahoo Lifestyle Canada editors put the long-lasting foundation to test. Here’s what they thought:


This foundation is a game changer. For the past year I’ve been worshiping at the alter of Fenty (because, Rihanna) but this foundation has become my new holy grail product. My skin colour changes quite frequently and since I was going to be testing this product in Peru I opted for two shades (3N and 6N) so I could blend the colour out to whatever shade of brown my skin was for that particular day.

Given that I was on an adventure vacay, my makeup routine was super pared down. To cleanse I used Tatcha – The Deep Cleanse Exfoliation Cleanser and for moisturizer I used Sunday Riley’s Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream (a must for dry Canadian winters!).

Before applying foundation and after

The foundation itself is full coverage – it covered up three different breakouts I had with just one application, including a cystic breakout on my chin. Unlike other full coverage foundations that can look a bit cake-y, this had a natural, dewy finish and for the first time in my life, my skin truly looked luminous.

As for longevity, the foundation held up beautifully after an incredibly hot and sweaty trek up Machu Picchu. I pretty much sweated full-force for three hours (like, sports bra pasted on to your body kind of sweating) and by the end of it, my skin still looked gorgeous and even. After 15 hours of wearing it, some of the redness in my chin started peeking through, but given the amount of times I wiped my face, I’m surprised more of my breakout wasn’t showing.

Dior foundation vs. Peru

And as an awesome bonus, it has sunscreen! My shoulders burned in the Peruvian sun, but my face did not thanks to the 35 SPF!


While Sarah got to travel to Peru to test her Dior Glow out, I had the pleasure of testing mine out during a massive blizzard (the biggest single-day snowfall in Toronto in more than a decade, to be exact).

Let me start by saying that I have bad skin. I just turned 30, but I have the acne of a 16-year-old. I constantly get breakouts, especially around my chin and forehead, and I’m a chronic picker (the only thing that has helped me is sticking to Fresh Soy Face Cleanser religiously. To top it off, while my skin is often insanely greasy, I also struggle with dry patches (to combat that, I use Caudalie Vinosource Mattifying Moisturizer both mornings and nights).

I’ve been using Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Makeup (combined with Stay Matte Pressed Powder) for as long as I can remember — and at $35 each, it’s nearly half the price of the Dior Forever foundation. I wasn’t convinced it would sway me from my tried and tested Clinique, but I was so wrong.

At 6:30 a.m. still in my pajamas and hiding in the bathroom at a client meeting at 2:30 p.m.

When I swiped the foundation on my skin for the first time, I first noticed two things: 1) The shade (1CR) matched my skin perfectly (I have the palest skin ever and constantly find foundation to be too orange for me) and 2) I felt like I didn’t need to top it off with pressed powder.

The velvety formula glided on my skin and blended with ease. Even though I felt like I didn’t need the powder, I brushed a bit on just to keep everything in place (I use the sheer version).

The foundation held up beautifully on my 45-minute walk to work, and didn’t budge during a day of running around to various meetings, both in and out of my office building. Due to aforementioned Bad Skin, I usually reapply my usual makeup a few times throughout the day — but I didn’t even have to do a touch up with the Dior Forever. When I left the office at 4:30, my skin looked exactly the same as when I arrived.

Braving the blizzard on the way home and Luna rewarding me with a kiss when I made it out alive.

When I stepped back out into the now-blizzard, I thought it would be a good idea to walk home. I was very wrong. I slipped and slided all the way home (my hair was frozen) — but obviously had time to stop to take a selfie to show my makeup was still intact. 

Similar to Sarah, I’ve become a convert, and I think this foundation is worth every penny. It matched my skin perfectly, felt silky-smooth on and lasted through an entire work day (and walk in the blizzard), so I have a feeling it will last longer than my former foundation, anyway.

You can purchase Dior Forever foundation for $64 CAD here

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