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Ready for a New Look? Try These Trending Hair Colors

New Year, new hair! In fact, we're not only beginning a new year, but also a new decade. AKA — it's the perfect time to change up your look. If you need some inspiration, look no further. To get 2020 started the right way, we've compiled the trending hair colors that are going to become the most stylish shades of the year. So be prepared to screenshot these to show your colorist (or for a trial run, test them out with some temporary hair dye).

If you're itching to go blonde, brunette, or even try red, there's a flattering shade out there for you. To help you find your best hair color yet, we chatted with celebrity stylists and Instagram influencers to get their thoughts on the latest and greatest hues. Once you've selected your color, consider our short hair ideas, ombré inspo, and braided hairstyles for an even bigger transformation.