At 66, Denise Austin Demonstrates 3 ‘Quick’ and ‘Effective’ Exercises for Toned Abs

At 66, Denise Austin Demonstrates 3 ‘Quick’ and ‘Effective’ Exercises for Toned Abs
  • Denise Austin just shared her go-to ab workouts in an Instagram video.

  • The fitness star demonstrated three “standing ab moves” that she says “you can do anywhere.”

  • The exercises included standing crunches, torso twists, and an oblique reach and pull.

In case you missed it, fitness pro Denise Austin posted another fun and informative workout video on Instagram. This time, the 66-year-old revealed how she maintains her toned abs while demonstrating three core-focused moves that are “quick but effective.”

At the beginning of the Instagram video, Austin dances around in tropical surroundings while the on-screen text reveals that the star is about to share a few “standing ab moves you can do anywhere.”

The caption reads: “#Flashback to a quick but effective workout you can do anywhere!!” And she means it. “This was from my vacation to Uruguay last January with my family…so many amazing memories from that trip!”

As for her top recommendation for feeling your best—even when you’re traveling: “Getting a little movement in every single day is my biggest tip to feeling like your best self…even when you’re on vacation!! You are always worth it! xoxo,” Austin continued.

Below, find a breakdown of Austin’s three ab exercises depicted in the video.

Standing crunch

The first exercise Austin demonstrates is a standing crunch. To begin the exercise, Austin starts with her feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended straight above her head. Then, she brings her arms down, with her elbows meeting her hips, while alternating the leg she crunches up toward her stomach.

Torso twists

Next, Austin performs a movement that she calls “torso twists,” which reminds us a bit of a standing Russian twist—an effective oblique exercise. She begins with her feet in a wide stance and places her hands on top of her shoulders. Then, she simply twists her upper body from side to side while keeping her hips and legs stationary. Austin also demonstrates a variation in which she removes her hands from her shoulders and alternates punching her arms in the direction of the twist.

Oblique reach and pull

The final move also targets the obliques. Austin begins the “reach and pull” exercise by starting in a lunge position with her arms outstretched by her face. Next, Austin pulls her back leg forward, crunching it toward her chest, while twisting her waist toward the leg and bringing her arms toward the back of her body.

If Austin’s video has you in search of even more fun and effective workouts, the fitness star has you covered. Try out her six-week walking guide, a #FitOver50 cardio workout, or her three easy moves for women over 50 to start!

After all, Austin’s goal is “to help women my age and over 50,” feel their best, she previously told Prevention. “I have really enjoyed the changes and growing with my people and growing with my fans that have stayed with me for 35 years. It’s so fun.”

We can’t wait to see what fitness routine and words of wisdom the star drops next!

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