At 68, Christie Brinkley Glows in Pink Crop Top, Talks Health: ‘It’s Not About the Size of Your Thighs’

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At 68, Christie Brinkley Glows in Pink Crop Top, Talks Health: ‘It’s Not About the Size of Your Thighs’
  • Christie Brinkley shared a series of fun beach photos wearing an adorable hot pink workout outfit and holding up coral.

  • In the caption, she shares body-positive advice to help followers “feel like your best you.”

  • “It’s not about the size of your thighs,” she says, instead, promoting “vibrant good health.”

Christie Brinkley is never one to hold back on social media. And now she’s doubling down on her bare-it-all attitude with a recently shared batch of fun, flirty photos on Instagram. This time, she’s posing on the beach and looking super toned all in the name of touting a body-positive attitude.

Brinkley, 68, enjoyed the sun and sand while staying under the cover of shady palm trees wearing hot pink, cropped long sleeve top and matching biker shorts. The former supermodel unleashed her silly side as she posed with coral in both hands, smiling and laughing. (We’re getting major Elizabeth Hurley starfish vibes!)

She captioned the post with a poem on looking and feeling your best when you’re trying to lose weight “at 68.”

“When you eat too much at 68, it’s not as easy to lose the weight, so here’s a tip that’s tried and true, that will make you feel like your best you,” she captioned her post. “Avoid the sugar and do exercise, it’s not about the size of your thighs, Vibrant good health will be your prize! 🌴🌺🌸🦋💕.”

Brinkley offered up some great, actionable advice all while staying body positive, which is key. By shifting focus to feeling good and staying healthy, instead of looking a certain way, she offers a truly inspirational and positive message to all.

The beauty and fitness icon, and Total Gym spokesperson, attributes her fitness success to Total Gym, writing in her caption: “and if you don’t have coral to lift @totalgymdirect would be a great gift ! You’ve got to move it! 😎💚💙♻️.”

During the earlier days of the pandemic, Brinkley would even bring her Total Gym machine outside “to get both vit D and some much-needed exercise.” She explained in a World Health Day Instagram post. She touted the importance of staying active and that she is “full of gratitude for each and every day blessed with health 🙌🏼.”

While Brinkley isn’t a certified nutritionist, she does have some great food advice. She shared that she credits her youthful glow to a “rainbow diet,” which includes a variety of colorful foods full of nutrients to maintain her and her children’s health. Clearly, her wardrobe isn’t the only colorful thing in her life!

We absolutely adore her health advice and body-positive message! We can’t wait to see how she will inspire us next.

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